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How the Bell tolls…

My name is Michele and I am (although I can´t believe it) now 52 years young (but only justish). I spent many years working in the NHS but after blowing the whistle on the manipulation of waiting lists at Weston General Hospital, I moved over to Spain.  That was in 2002 and as you can imagine, it was quite  a scary time!  My name was eventually cleared in the High Court London with thanks to the hard work of the BBC who supported me throughout and to whom I will be forever grateful.

I still live, very happily in Spain with husband Tony and our increasing family of 3 dogs!


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  • Linda: Thanks Bell, I'm currently in the 'will I or won't I' situation. This has certainly been helpful. All the best Linda
  • Andy: Hi Bell, I am very interested in having my eyes done too. However, prices in the UK are outrageous. Could you tell me the name or website of the clin
  • Carol Harshman: Had my right eye done 3 days ago. Felt like 3-4 grains of sand in eye for 2 days. Unrelenting pain. Saw Dr. yesterday and all is well, except corne


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