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Hi Stranger….me again!

Thought it was way time I got down to another blog.  Haven’t been on here for a month…things have been relatively quiet here actually which is really nice and I’m not complaining.  So much more to write about when the natives are around!

There have been ups and downs over the past month or so.  For the first time in 3 years we have the christmas decorations up and it looks wonderful.  I’m really pleased with it all.  New tree and a few other bits and pieces has managed to turn the flat into quite a little grotto!  We have put our old tree outside by the front door with a couple of father christmas’s (only pretend ones of course because there is only one REAL santa as everyone knows).  The little girl upstairs is loving it and gets quite excited everytime she is taken up and down the stairs.  We have a Pinochio puppet which sings whenever there is any noise which is wonderful (not) because when the neighbours go past, the dogs bark and that then sets of Pinochio!  Let’s just say that I know his song very well now!  I have quite expected Evil Edna to attack the tree and other bits but have been pleasently surprised.  Its obviously quite the norm for pomaranians to have 6 feet tree in the house! There was one hairy moment, I caught her eyeing up the branches and just managed to catch her as she was about to pounce. Fortunately, the fly she was after came out before she got in……Lucky!

I went over to see Samantha at the end of November and had a lovely time.  It was quite a surprise when she picked me up at the airport.  Not only was it snowing and extremely cold, but she got out the car and looked enormous….(remember she is pregnant, not fat!), well I couldn’t believe how big she looked considering she was only 12 weeks or so at the time, but then creased up laughing when she took the pillow out from under her coat!

We had a lovely couple of days. Went out for a meal with Ben her husband and of course, shopping.  We were drawn towards the baby clothes but I was very good and held back.  I just think it is best until much later in the pregnancy before buying anything.  It was still alot of fun looking though. Then we went to find some clothes for my ever expanding daughter!  Samantha said she can’t understand why her sister and myself keep going on about how big she is getting….silly girl doesn’t realise that we are making the most of the fact that this may be the only time when we are actually smaller than her!  Anyway, we found some trousers, tops and a dress.  Samantha said, she thought some of the clothes looked a bit “Mumsie”….doh Samantha….because you are!  Touching wood, she is doing very well and is finally beginning to feel a little better than she had been.

If you are on the Carer’s forum, you will remember that this week marked the first anniversary that Miss Daisey passed away.  I can’t believe it has been a year already.  I don’t think a day goes by that Tony and I don’t mention her in some way or another.  It just seems so cruel that she was taken from us when we had so much more that we wanted to do together.  I love and miss you loads Auntie Doreen. x

My sister marked the anniversary by getting her solicitor to send me yet another threatening email!  I am trustee for the children and she is pushing for more and more information which I am very reluctant to hand over and which I am told I am under no obligation to give.  I can’t say too much in this blog at the moment but it is all in hand.  I would like to publicly thank my sister though for her atroucious timing.  What is it with some families?  It seems whenever money is involved they just won’t let go.

Today it was our wedding anniversary.  Eight years.!! I’m sure there were some who thought it wouldn’t last longer than a few months….told you…proved you wrong!! We planned a trip to a small hotel on the edge of Granada and a trip to the palace there.  Dogs were taken to their doggy home for a couple of days yesterday…they are looked after there so well but they still don’t seem to realise how lucky they are! Evil Edna gave them a present as soon as she arrived right in the middle of the drive and when it was time to go I swear she turned around to the other two with her paw in the air as she assumed she was coming with us!  Not so quick Lola girl!

Tony and I were up early yesterday and all packed up with our goodies for the trip down….you have to eat sweets, chocolates and anything else you can get your hands on when you are on a long drive you know!  It did not stop raining all the way down.  When we eventually arrived at the little hotel it looked and was lovely. We were the only people staying there and they had lit a gorgeous log fire and there was some wonderful classical music playing. We were given some Rioja and sat down to warm through.  Spanish hospitality is simply wonderful.  Then we went to our room…..Tony said it was more like a cell or a Nun’s room (not sure how he would know what a Nun’s room looked like but thought best not to go there!).  Have to say, it wasn’t quite up to the hotel room we had in Las Vegas but it is Spain you know!  Mind you the wardrobe even looked like a confessional box!  Cold!  My god it was cold!  I managed to get a couple more blankets and a portable radiator for the room which soon warmed through.

Tony spent the next hour in the bath (actually he was bent in half….I guess Spanish people aren’t normally as tall as him, they do tend to be on the shorter side), after that he paced the room like a caged animal!  We decided that as it obviously wasn’t going to stop raining we would come home today!  Decision made, off we went for a browse around the village.  Found a cake shop and had a coffee and then back to the room for another hour or so before heading out for a meal!  Nah, nothing open!  Eventually managed to find a tapas bar opposite the hotel.  Young family ran it and their little boy spent much of the time playing cars with me while the Mum went out to get the ingretiants for our tapas! I sent Tony back to the hotel before we left to get the little one our big bag of sweets which we gave to the little boy…he loved it!

Have a browse of the hotel here:

This morning we were up at 7 (old habits die hard), and down for breakfast for 8.  I felt awful having to tell them that we were not staying for our second night and promised that we would be back.  Four hours or so later, we were tucked up nicely at our little flat, watching National Lypoon’s Christmas special with more chocolates and freshly brewed coffee….heaven!

All my Christmas shopping is done…bought Samantha and Ben their present when I was over in the UK, Moonpip cards organised and Tony’s present hid away safely (not saying where because I know he does read this from time to time so, if you are Tony….KEEP GUESSING! We have actually decided to go out for a meal on Christmas Eve which will be nice…I really can’t be doing with all the hastle on Christmas Day and the price that  people charge is ridiculous.  We took ourselves off to Iceland that we have here to get’s some bits and pieces in we thought for our christmas dinner.  Came back with a box of mini pasties….that will do nicely!  I have a christmas pudding somewhere so I might even put the boat out and have that with some cream!  Just the two of us and the dogs!

Right, enough of my chatting, time to get ready for the Apprentice final!  Just leaves me to wish everyone a truly wonderful Christmas and a Happy new year,  There are a few people from the Carers forum who I know are having difficult times at the moment…if you are reading this, thinking of you…take good care.

Enjoy yourselves…see you next year I guess!

Love Bell x

I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year.

Charles Dickens



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