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Do I look thinner yet?!!!!

Posted on: January 7, 2011

Happy New Year to one and all!

Here we are then, 2011.  I can remember when I was a little girl talking about the year 2000 and thinking that was so far away and I would be very old by then!  Now, it is 10 years past and I was right, I am very old! Actually, I did feel reasonably youngish (ok, well not young but certainly not old!) until today when I caught Tony looking at me whilst we were walking the dogs.  He said “cor, we have both got to look a lot older” – I guess he put the “we” in just to protect himself!  I think my glasses used to hide all the lines and now I’m very exposed!  I even went out and bought some foundation for my face today, the first time in about 10 years that I have worn any!  I’m usually quite tanned but at the moment my face looks like it has been hit with the ugly bat and all help I can get is necessary!  Thankfully my Spanish didn’t let me down in the shop…it is the simple things like that when you are really glad that you studied at least in one lesson at school!  Spanish was always my favourite and now I know why…they say things happen for a reason!

We are one week in on our diets….we have been very good but I’m a bit disappointed that I still look like me and not some supermodel! I think it is going to take a lot longer than I had imagined.  Its funny (well, not really) but I have always been a bit like an hour glass (a large one I admit) but now, my waist seems to have disappeared.  I am searching everywhere and am determined to find it before my first grandchild is born in June…cant have him or her referring to the “big nanny in Spain”! I am now officially one size bigger than I was when I met Tony, so not so bad really but when you are not far off the same size as one of the 7 dwarfs, any weight gain does show!  Oh to be just 6 inches taller…actually, just to be over 5 ‘ would be a bonus!

We decided to stay in for new year’s eve.  Over here it has been a bit of a rip off in the bars (if you can find one open that is), they charge you to go in to see exactly the same acts that have been there for the rest of the year for free).  Anyway, it was nice and at 12 o’clock we kept up the Spanish tradition of eating the 12 grapes each as the clock struck.  I looked it up and it originated many, many years ago when Spain had a magnificant crop of grapes and the King of the day ordered that they should be distributed amongst the people.  Another tradition is to wear red knickers to bring you luck for the year….I have no idea where that one came from!!!  Outside it was very quiet, but to be honest there is still only the 3 of us here in our block of 54 so shouldn’t really expect too much activity!

Yesterday was Three Kings, all Spanish children receive their gifts from the Kings although they do receive something small on Christmas day.  The little girl upstairs had a beautiful pink remote control car to sit in…it was wonderful to watch her yesterday being controlled around the square and pool, she is only 18 months bless her and didn’t have a clue what was going on but was quite happy to play.  What little girl wouldn’t be – I would be quite happy with a car like that myself!

Last year on Three Kings day we went to Benidorm (some of you will remember) and scattered both my Uncle Bill and Miss Daisey’s ashes as it was a place they both loved and had so many fond memories of.  Yesterday we took little Lola with us and put a little plant and card in the spot  It was so lovely there, it is right on the top of a hill overlooking the sea and nothing at all like you imagine Benidorm to be like.  Miss Daisey used to tell us about a mountain that is close to Benidorm that she had pointed out to us when we took her there.  If you look at it from the road it looks like an Indian chief.  When we were on the hill I noticed that you could actually see part of the Indian Chief, I’d like to think that he will be looking after them now.  Samantha said that she went to the cemetery over the holiday and put some flowers there for my Mum and Dad.  I do feel bad that I haven’t been able to get over there to do anything but when Tony and I go over later in the year I think we will put some stones down so it doesn’t get weeds.  Its very difficult when you live so far away.  Still, as Tony says, they aren’t there…they are with me wherever I go.

First day of the sales here today.  Had completely forgotten about that and only intended to go to Lidl for some energy drinks and the car parks were actually chocker block.  Its funny but don’t know about you, I just feel like I have to join in and shop!  One dressing gown, new coat, make up, a colander that folds up and an egg poacher later we got home, oh and 46 energy drinks too!

Haven’t heard anything from my sister’s solicitor but am quite expecting to in the next few days about the children’s money that I had in trust for them from my Mum’s estate.  I’ve sorted it all now though and can just say that I have taken steps to ensure that the money will not be given to the children early and that no-one else can get their hands on it.  My solicitor has been excellent and the good thing in the long run is that I will no longer be involved whatsoever.  This should mean that I probably won’t have any further contact from my sister.  Sad really isn’t it how families seem to fall apart.  Please don’t think that I have just given up ….I tried so many times but it just doesn’t work and I always seemed to get kicked in the face and I just can’t deal with that any more in life.  The strange thing is that exactly the same thing happened with my Mum and her sister and also with my Nan and her’s.

At Christmas I bought Tony the Soprano Box set.  Have you ever watched them?  Excellent.  Without wanting to sound like we sit around all day, we managed to watch the whole set in just over a week which is some going.  I found it fascinating and I have learnt so much about myself from it.  In the series, Tony Soprano is in therapy and he talks a great deal about his mother.  There were so many similarities between the woman that played the part of his mother and my own that I looked up advice given by his therapist and have discovered a website for daughters with mothers with these, shall we say “tendencies”.  unbelievable!  The funny thing was when I signed in to the forum, I talked about what had led me to the site and it appears that the Sopranos had been discussed frequently on the site because of the mother.  So interesting.  Let me know if you want any details by leaving a comment.

Samantha is almost half way through her pregnancy now and will find out at the end of the month whether she is having a little girl or boy.  Poor thing is suffering though and sounds awful at the moment, full of cold.  She had the flu jab this week so I suppose that is partly why but to be honest she has had a cold practically since she became pregnant.  I think the fact that she is working so hard and trying to sort things out for their impending move is also not helping.  Ben her husband said to me the other day that her hormones are all over the place. I think he was being very subtle, but I did tell him he “ain’t seen nothing yet”, wait til the baby is born, and just when you think its safe, the menopause hits too!  I think my menopause is sending me slightly crackers to be honest!  I put the lead on Bobby to take him for a walk last night and then tried to put Chunky’s (who is 25 kilos bigger than him) on him too and couldn’t work out why it was too big…poor Bobs just gave me the look that said it all! I walk around the flat and have no idea why I have gone in the bedroom and went to put the cup in the fridge yesterday.  Someone tell me it does get better.

Well, I think that is all I have to report at the moment.  Nearly time for bed, no electric blanket this year yet…we have been getting 19 -20 degrees during the day which is very nice I must admit.  Not sure how I would cope with all that bad weather you have all been having in the UK.  Take it easy out there.  For all my friends on the Carers UK forum, hold on in there….you are the best!

Much love and once again, best wishes for 2011.

Bell x

An optomist stays up until midnight to see the new year in.  A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves”

Bill Vaughan



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