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Posted on: November 18, 2010

Hello all.

I can’t believe how fast time is just passing by!  Didn’t realise hadn’t posted for over a week or so (who shouted good in the back then?!!)

Well, last week I did a bit of spring cleaning…I know its November but who cares.  It started one night when we were quite comfortably sitting watching a bit of tv when there was an almighty bang from the bathroom.  Went in to find that all the shelves had collapsed in the cupboard and there were pills, creams and lotions everywhere!  Wonderful! The back of the cupboard had pushed out a tiny bit and that had released the shelves.  Spent about an hour trying to get everything cleaned up.  I really don’t understand when in just 10 years someone can go from taking no medication to having pills for practically every part of the body!  I think the paracetemol may taste a bit of nail varnish remover next time I need one but hey ho!

Talking of tablets, I have been taking a soya replacement on the recommendation of the local chemist for hot flushes.  Now the chemists here can be your best friends as they really never bother with prescriptions….only have to go in and I can get antibiotics or anything.  When Miss Daisey was alive I used to simply go in and ask for Amytriptolin for her and was just given it for 1 euro 6 cents! I must have an honest face!  Anyway back to the soya (I do lose track so easy…sorry), I recommended it to my friend because it really has made a huge difference with the hot flushes or tropical moments as I prefer to call them.  Well, it turns out that the jury is still out on them because some say they can increase the risk of breast cancer because of the increase in oestrogen in the system and others say it actually helps to prevent it!  So what do you do??  I wrote to cancer research and they have said basically the same thing, that there is still little firm research one way or the other.  I have decided not to take them so am awaiting the return of those lovely warm, giddy moments of joy..NOT!

Whilst I am moaning about the menopause thingy, what is all this itchy thing about?  I went to bed the other night and managed to sleep for a little while only to wake up with an itchy feeling and something like tiny needles all over my body!  I thought it was the new bed linen so went and put my pyjamas on….oooh la la, yes, I was somewhat naked at the time (not a pretty picture to be sure).  No improvement with the pyjamas so it was out on the sofa yet again for me!  Now find out that this is also related to age!  What WAS he thinking about when he made women…it could have been shared out a bit between men and women couldn’t it?  Someone said they still have the symptoms after 19 years so I guess I only have about 18 or so left!  Poor old(ish) Tony really has got me at my prime!!  Bless!

I do have some good news though….in fact excellent news.  Samantha and Ben are expecting their first baby…I will be a nanna!  I have been wanting to tell everyone for so long but she wouldn’t let me and I have been a very good girl and kept it to myself and Tony.  Baby is due in June next year so I am going to go over just for a couple of days when it is born and then have a bit longer there with Tony in July when everyone has gone back to work etc so we can spoil her a bit. I’m going next weekend and am looking forward to seeing if she has put on any weight.  It will be great to perhaps be smaller than my daughter…even if it is only for a few months or so!

Good results from the biopsy so no need to go back for 12 months.  I’m sure many women will recognise the relief when you get the all clear.  I was determined not to go back to hospital again and then went and cut my finger quite badly and ended up in A & E!! Can you believe it…..I even know my hospital number off by heart now! No stitches, just a dressing and a tetenus injection.  Tony says he will give me the next injection which is due next month.  Did I ever tell you about the time when Tony was giving heparin injections to someone here?  Lady knocked on our door because she knew that Tony had often given injections for his son etc and asked if we would give her husband the injections that he needed for a couple of months!  Tony did it and it wasn’t too long before we had another lady needing injections in her tummy for a few weeks!  Quite the little Florence Nightengale is Tony!

Oh yes, on Wednesday last week we had a letter from the Administrators here to say that we were required to remove the gate that we put up as we were a nuisance to the community!  Its a long boring story but basically the one family we don’t get on with are our neighbours. I thought everything had been resolved at the last annual meeting but it seems as though they are still insisting that the gate is removed.  Tony went to see them and the administrator had to agree that it was stupid but he is doing his job.  Looks like it could go to court….so stupid! I’m sure it is the blue colour rinse that the old woman has on her hair that is making her hyper…too many additives! Watch this space anyway..

Spain is notorious for the amount of graffiti that is around the place.  I remember when Samantha was an Uni in Plymouth they actually had a trip to Barcelona to look at it!  Anyway, the mayor here has decided that enough is enough and there has been a campaign to reduce it and clean up!  This last week or so we have had a team coming around all the streets here (we are just on the outskirts of the town in a more Spanish area of the town). They have been laden down with paint, acid and brushes!  I am amazed at what they have been doing….they have managed to get off a lot of the graffiti and what they can’t they have simply re-painted the walls!  Can you imagine coming home from work int he UK and finding that the council have painted little white squares on your house to cover over the marks?!  There would be uproar I’m sure!  In fairness, they have tried to match up the colour and where they can’t, the colours they have chosen have been pretty good!  We are quite fortunate that our block is white so whenever there has been a problem it has simply been really easy to get rid of it with a touch of paint.  When we first moved here the problem was worse and I realised that much of the graffiti was caused by one lad who left his initials everywhere…TNS.  Fortunately, Senor TNS is now romantically involved with a very pretty senorita and has quite an ugly looking shar-pei, unlike my own of course, and his attentions are now elsewhere!  Anyway, I think it is excellent that the council are doing something proactive.

The wee wee kid aka Evil Edna appears to have now fallen head over heels in love with Tony!  Whenever he is sat down…she is there, cuddled up to him!  He now even ends up carrying her when we have been on a walk and she decides it is just “too far for a lady”!  Not sure who is the daftest out of the two of them!  Have to say though, she is turning into quite a lovely little thing (not sure Bobby would agree although they do have their cuddle moments!)

Loves young dream.....

I’ve been watching the TV and all the preparations for Christmas!  Don’t miss that one bit.  I feel so sorry for so many people who are really struggling to afford to pay for presents, many I’m sure that will simply be put to one side by the receivers after Christmas.  We were going to go out for lunch on Christmas day but have now decided to go back to our own tradition….egg and chips followed by perhaps Christmas Pudding and a glass of champers!  No stress here, I will obviously make sure that Samantha and Ben have a pressie which is usually quite easy and that is basically it.  A box of christmas cards will last us years!  The Spanish don’t take it all that serious and Boxing Day is simply another day with everyone back to work!   I must admit though, I have ordered a bumper box of Bing Crosby CD’s (sorry, but I am older than I look…well, wish then!), so Christmas Day I might well be forcing Tony to sit down with a box of chocolates and the Bells of St. Mary’s, followed by Sound of Music of course!

Right, time to take out the problem children!  Edna now prefers to do her business in the middle of the road, quite embarrassing really as I’ve actually had cars wait for her to finish and then for me to “bag up” …the joys of having dogs!

Did anyone see the Formula 1 on Sunday…we wuz robbed most definately!  It was there waiting for Alonso…and that blooming Vettel got it!  Yuck!  You wait ’til next year….we’ll be back!!!

Take good care everyone….catch up with you again soon

Love Bell xx

“Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if  green vegetables smelled as good as bacon”

Doug Larson


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