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Phew…glad this week is over……

Posted on: October 31, 2010

Boo……its me!

I’ve started typing this week’s blog up early and even put the title on even though it is only Wednesday!  Had enough this week already!

Two months or so ago I started getting some pain in my toe and the doctor said it was an infection> I asked “is it an ingrowing toenail”…”No” says the doctor.  3 weeks later, I take my now pink throbbing pin back in to the surgery where I was told it was “a fungal infection and it will take some time to heal”…..but says I, “are you sure it’s not an ingrowing toenail?”.  “Definately not” says the doctor!  Well now, I would quite like to stick my red throbbing toe  up his nose (oooh, perhaps not!). Yesterday, I couldn’t stand it any longer and went to see a Chiropodist.  who told me as soon as I sat down and pointed my now red, ugly looking toe towards her “Ah, an ingrowing toenail”!!!   Out came what looked like garden shears (ok, so I exaggerate), head down and in she went!  I didn’t hear or see what happened next as I sat with my eyes closed and my fingers in my ears – I was amazed that Tony and the Chiropodist had never seen anyone do that before, it’s something I’ve always done when I was in it just me?  She showed me the offending nail…it was small but evil!!!  My toe is now wrapped up like a christmas turkey and just adds to my beauty I believe!  All being well, the toe gets to see the light of day again on Friday when for the first time in many, many weeks, I will be able to wear shoes!  Yes, real shoes with a top to them, not flip flops or open toe sandals….real SHOES!  In the meantime….I think the Doctor and I will be having a few words when I next see him!

So, that was Monday morning out the way.  Monday afternoon I called Bobby and off we went to bed for our usual hours “rest” (Bobby is the dog remember…before you go thinking I’m some sort of scarlet woman (I wish!)) Off came my top and head down, I thought….something felt strange!  My left boob felt like it had a led balloon inside it!  So, off we went to A & E who decided that I should have a ultrasound.  I took all my previous mammograms etc so they could compare but it appears that another cyst has appeared and now I need another biopsy. I did in my very best Spanish explain that I had 2 previous biopsies but the radiologist insisted that this is a new one to my collection.  Great, the week just gets better and better and its only Monday!

Tony thinks the dogs are suffering from Kennel-lag!  They have been so sleepy since we got back from holiday…I think they are exhausted running around the garden that they have at the kennels (not kennels really, the lady just gives them a free run of the house which is great).

Friends came over Monday and actually asked to see our holiday snaps!  Can’t think why anyone would want to see someone else’s holiday photos but they seemed to enjoy looking at them….or are they just good at disguising their boredom?!! Anyway, it was a good night and we downed a bottle or two of wine which I needed at the end of a rotten day like today!

Had a day out shopping on Thursday with friends who wanted to buy a tv.  Electrical goods tend to be a lot more expensive than in the UK so we travelled around for a while until we came to the shop where you can get a reasonable bargain.  Its funny how you can take it for granted that you can just pop to the outside of town and find curry’s, comet etc!  The good thing is though if you buy something like a washing machine, they will deliver, plumb it in, take the old one away all for free! Anyway successful shopping expedition and I managed to go the whole day without buying anything which is quite an achievement for me!

After shopping we went out for a quick sandwich for lunch.  There is a very nice Chinese girl that often goes around the bars selling CD’s.  Now, I know I shouldn’t buy them because of copyright, but she is such a friendly girl that I have always found it hard to say no….when she sees me her face lights up (I’m not daft, she thinks “she’s good for a few CD’s)!  Anyway, my friend and I were looking at the CD’s and we both wanted the same one and before you could say, Egg Fried Noodles, she was off to her house to get another copy.  Fine, but she left her illicit goods with us, 2 bags of CD’s.  She obviously trusted us but as we were browsing through them all it occurred to me that it would take some explaining if the wonderful Guardia Civil came along…..would they really believe me if I said “Not mine Sir!!”  We put all the CD’s inside the bag and tried to look innocent until she returned….I was beginning to think she wasn’t coming after 30 minutes!  I think a life of crime is not for me!

The Guardia Civil are not to be messed with here in Spain.  They are actually part of the military and I have come across a couple of people who have felt the pain from one of their fists when they were inside the back of their van!  You have to be made to mess with someone that carries a gun in the first place though as far as I’m concerned.

Waited in this afternoon for someone that had phoned me because they knew I had a dog carrier and they wanted to buy it.  Had 2 phone calls to say that they would be “there later” and you guess it, they didn’t turn up!  I don’t give two hoots about the carrier, that can just go back down in the garage, but whatever happened to manners? Surely it doesn’t take two minutes to pick up the phone to say you are not coming?  Rant for the day!

Got all excited today, Friday, (doesn’t take a lot does it!) when I had my follow-up appointment at the chiropodist.  Excellent….off came the bandage that made me look like big foot and I was just thinking how nice it will be to wear decent shoes again when she started to poke around on the other foot and discovered that the other nail was starting to grow in too!  I couldn’t believe it, before I knew it my big toe on the left foot was wrapped up like a turkey and I’m back where I started again!

You will laugh at this.  Came across this in one of the papers:

I sent it to my aunt who, if you will remember, called the local prostitutes “guards” on the roundabouts!  As it’s law over here to wear one of these jackets if you break down, I will keep my fingers crossed that I’m not near a roundabout!  Not that I think I would get many offers with a toe like mine….unless it was for some sort of novalty act!!

Saturday started cold here so wrapped up warm only to find that it was a real “fashion no no” as when we went outside it was hot…very hot!  Weather doesn’t seem to know what to do with itself at the moment….back inside for a quick change and decided to do some baking instead.  Not to keen on cooking really but I do love to bake….Tony quite enjoys it too when I bake – ex wife was a chef so I probably have a long way to go to catch up with her baking but hey ho, he isn’t wasting away so hopefully I’m doing something right!

How do you explain to an old grumpy shar-pei and an over active pomaranian that the clock has gone back????? Answer, you can’t…..all three of them were there ready (I’m sure if they could reach their leads they would be by the side of the bed holding them) at 6.30 am!  Despite my moans and groans that it was far too early….off we were, trudging along the beach front at 6.45 this morning, in the dark.  Wonderful start to Sunday! Still, back to bed when we got back which was great and I think it was 11 by the time we woke up again.

Neighbour brought her little girl down to see us who is just 16 months old, dressed up as a witch!  She looked a real little darling so off we went to get her a bag of sweets for halloween.  Not sure how he managed it but Tony went in the little kiosk we have here with 5 euros and came out with half a carrier bag full of sweets!  I know the lady in there loves children and is always involved in parades and things with them so my guess is that when she realised it was for halloween she just kept on filling up the bag!

Tomorrow is a “red day”…no working for anyone and if caught a fine!  It is for  Dia de todos los santos.  All Saints Day.  Traditionally Spanish go to visit the graves of loved ones.  Families eat lunch together and there are several sweets that are eaten at this time of year too which are quite nice! I’ve read this week that 40% of the flowers that are sold in Spain are sold for All Saints Day. (One of Bell’s useless bits of information)!

Right then, time to pour out a nice glass of fizzy (lemonade of course!), get myself comfy and persuade Tony that he has to turn over the TV because we have Strictly and X factor results!  Sad, but who cares!

See you again soon everyone.  Love to you all.  Bell xxx

Forget love, I’d rather fall in chocolate!..Attributed to Sandra J Dykes


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