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Here we go…..or do we?

Posted on: September 26, 2010

Sometimes I think  someone is trying to tell you something and you have to listen!  More hastles this week with the holiday plans!  As usual, after phone calls and emails it is still on but hey, we are depending upon the flights taking off and our dear neighbours….THE FRENCH!  It appears that the French have just as many problems economically in their country as we have here in Spain and I’m sure there are in the UK too.  Problem is their land is bang slap in the middle of europe and so many flights have to fly over it to get from A to B! My 77 year old aunt and cousin came over to see us just for a few days and was due home this morning.  At 8.30 they received a text to say that the flat had been cancelled because of the French strikes!  After much tooing and froing on the internet we finally managed to get them rebooked on a flight for Sunday night. Fortunately we have been able to find them somewhere to stay too for a few days.  Can you even begin to imagine how they would have coped if they had simply been on holiday alone and just turned up at the airport?  Tony and I are both keeping our fingers crossed that our flight to Gatwick next week will go ahead.  You know what really niggles me? The fact that some airlines that were still flying hiked up their prices so much.  We looked at British Airways and they had a price of 1,177 euros for one way per person for today!

Anyway, we have had a few good days with Auntie Eileen and Karen.  Its lovely to sit and chat about the “old days”.  Auntie Eileen is really the only one left now that can give me little snippets of information about my childhood and about the family.  I’ve also been learning quite a bit about Auntie Eileen too.  She has travelled quite a lot and she was telling me about the time she was in San Francisco.  We talked about cable cars and trams and she was telling me about how she decided to hold on to the bars outside.  Unfortunately I had a “menopausal” moment as I thought she was still talking about the cable cars….how on earth could she be so brave as to hold on to bars outside the cable car?  DOH! She is only 4’11” and about a size 6!  I imagined her flying around like a flag on a pole!!  It was one of those moments when you say something and you know straight away how stupid you’ve been…..!

I will think of Auntie Eileen whenever I hear this song in the future…..have it on my ipod because when I was a little girl Mum worked for the Co-op delivering bread when Nimble bread came out….she told me that it made you lose weight.  Now to a 7 year old the logic was that you eat the bread and then have a figure like Twiggy!  The amount of Nimble bread I ate to look like Twiggy, its a wonder I didn’t end up looking like Hatty Jacques!

Yesterday we took my aunt and cousin to a market in Almoradi. It is a nice place to go just to have a coffee and churros (long hot donuts covered in sugar sold from cabins).  This weekend there seemed to be more people there than usual and when Tony and I were queuing up for our coffee, I mentioned the fact that there were so many people there.  A lady (British) turned around and said to me something along the lines of “well, you obviously don’t live here or you would know how busy it gets!”  I thought to myself, ummmm, damn cheek, I’m going to play along with this one!  I told her how we had in fact lived here for 8 years which I was glad to say was 2 more than she had!  She then went on to tell me that although she had an apartment in Almoradi she also had a country house too….ummm says Bell, we have an apartment  in Torrevieja and a place outside Madrid too (fingers were crossed behind my back at this point!)…next came “ours is a very large flat so we don’t get the normal riff raff over from the UK looking for a work”!  What a miserable so and so I thought….and didn’t tell her that my flat would probably fit in to hers twice!! Next it was the bit about how she was retired now and so she was able to use the local hospital for free….Bell came back with, “well we are retired but choose to pay privately”!! I think I won that one because she definately looked older than me and I have a feeling her last statement had turned around and bit her on the bum!!!   What is it with some people?  I can’t be doing with it all….so sometimes it is nice just to have a bit of fun at their expense – perhaps it will make her think twice before putting others down in the future.

My cousin said she had quite a night yesterday and I thought “good on ‘ya girl” and wondered who she had met seeing as I had left her quite late that night! It appears that she had a visit from Micky Mouse!  The carrier bag with her biscuits in was rustling and when she went over to see what it was, out jumped Micky and ran around the flat!  Karen ran in to the bedroom and jumped in to bed with her mum!  Guess I best tell the owner……..or do I?!!!!

Nearly all packed up for the big trip.  My idea was to take 7 dresses that I could dress up for the night and just wear with sandals during the day… far my suitcase has 9 dresses, 5 pairs of trousers and several other things that have been in and out of the case more times than….well, I’m too much of a lady to use that analogy!  If it wasn’t for the menopause I guess I would have not had a problem….lots of bits and pieces that I could have worn…shorts etc, but at the moment I feel it is my duty to save America (they are our allies after all) from the view of me walking along the strip in Las Vegas in shorts! Mind you, my skirt isn’t much longer but that is staying in the suitcase.  I spent most of yesterday searching for a large handbag (probably with the idea that it would hide most of my body) but I didn’t find one that I liked, or that I could convince Tony I needed.  Auntie Eileen was very concerned that we hadn’t bought a bag for the flight and asked in her concerned voice what on earth I was going to do as time was running out.  Bless!  I felt a bit guilty telling her that I would have to lift the bed up and take one off the pile underneath……a woman can never have too many bags now can they!  Actually that is another story because on Thursday when I walked the dogs I came across a bag on top of one of the bins and it had two handbags in it.  As I came near our window, I held the bag up with pride to show Tony my find…..he just said “you’ve been bin dipping again haven’t you!”  (I don’t consider it bin dipping….it was on the top!)…anyway, apparently I don’t need (MEN) another bag and certainly not one from the bin so I had to admit defeat ….I put one back on top of the bin and the other I gave to a neighbour!  Result!

Right well I think that is about everything for now, guess I won’t get on here again until we get back (assuming to go!) from our holiday.  I will be tapping out lots of stories hopefully near the middle to end of October.  If we win the jackpot while we are there I will put something on the Carers UK forum and we can all have a get together…..anywhere in particular?

A meal out on the marina with Auntie Eileen, Karen, Tony and Menopausal Bell!

Take care everyone.  Chat again soon.

Bell x

“There are only two emotions in a plane….boredom and terror” Orson Welles


4 Responses to "Here we go…..or do we?"

Have just found your blog again! Can’t wait to hear all your news xx

Thank you Sharon….I’d make yourself a cup of tea or a stiff drink before you start the next one…..I now have stumps where I once had fingers!

Wow, just read your latestest blog it`s so great to be able to imagine you doing the things like I used to do, especially queing up for cafe`con leche and churros in Almoradi. My friend still lives just outside there.
Have a great time in L V. can`t wait to read all about it when u get back.:).

Thank you! Nothing like Cafe con leche and the odd churros! LV great, but glad to be home to normality and REAL people! Not sure which part of some of those people were real…!!!

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  • Linda: Thanks Bell, I'm currently in the 'will I or won't I' situation. This has certainly been helpful. All the best Linda
  • Andy: Hi Bell, I am very interested in having my eyes done too. However, prices in the UK are outrageous. Could you tell me the name or website of the clin
  • Carol Harshman: Had my right eye done 3 days ago. Felt like 3-4 grains of sand in eye for 2 days. Unrelenting pain. Saw Dr. yesterday and all is well, except corne


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