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Posted on: September 19, 2010

Well, another week gone and did it whizz by or what!  It has gradually got a little bit cooler this week which is ok but the threat of rain is going to be a pain because we have my aunt coming over tonight and if the weather is bad I don’t know what on earth we will be able to do….still, worse things to worry about than that I’m sure.

We’ve been in and out of the doctor’s again this week.  Tony did some running in his little gym (the garage!) and I think he still believes he is 25 and able to do the marathons that he used to do.  Anyway, when he came back up he told me he had a pain in his chest.  It was only when he touched it and last month he had something similar when he heard something “pop”.  Took his blood pressure and all was fine but the next day we did go to see our doctor.  Cut a long story short, Tony had an ECG and the doctor said the results were better than his own!  That said, he still suggested that if Tony wanted to continue running (he wants to enter the Torrevieja half marathon next year) then he should see the cardiologist first as he does have arythmia (sp) and it is best to be on the safe side.

I should him the results of my mammogram and he told me that they were “ok at the moment”!  I could have done without the “at the moment” bit…men just don’t realise how women hold on to every word and then analyse them one by one do they…..or is it just me?  Just for spite I made him also look at my big toe again which is still giving me jip!!!  He’s actually really quite a nice man and actually speaks quite good English too which is a bonus.  I remember when I had shingles here a couple of years ago and they called it Herpes!  I was very quick to remind them that in English it was known as Shingles and just hoped that is what it would be recorded as on my notes!  I do have a reputation to keep up you know!

Tony’s brother arrived on Thursday, isn’t staying near us but Tony did get to spend some time with him.  He gave us a bit of gossip that Tony’s dad is coming over again in a couple of weeks or so and having a party for 18 people to celebrate his 80th birthday.  Seems like as his Dad doesn’t speak to us we won’t get an invite!  Families eh?!!

Samantha did a midnight walk in aid of the local hospice yesterday. She was one of 1,000 people that took part and they are hoping to raise £90,000 which will apparently keep the day hospice running for a year.  There was a lady that worked in her office that sadly passed away a couple of weeks ago and I think the office gave a good turn out for the walk in support of what the hospice did for the lady. I think it is wonderful what the hospice movement provide for people.  I know they were absolutely fantastic to Mum, both in the community and also when she had that short stay when my dear sister threw her out!  I remember one of the nurses then telling me that it can cost somewhere between £2 – 3,000 per week to keep a patient there.  Samantha had a bit of a headache this morning though because apparently they all wore flashing blue and red bunny ears and in the darkness all you could see where these ears flashing along the beach….!!  It must’ve been quite a spectacle to see.  Well done to them all.

Three Musketeers have been pretty good this week which is a nice change….I think no it is getting a bit quieter here they don’t get so worked up.  The children do keep coming over to the gate and Evil Edna wants to go out with them and when she can’t she just turns around and bites poor Bobby’s tail!

Right folks, time to go…need to shower and then off to the airport to pick up my aunt and cousin.  Evil Edna has also decided that she can touch type again so….time to close down this before it rebels!

Take care everyone…fingers crossed everyone has a happy and healthy week.

Love as always,


“Never miss the opportunity to make others happy ….even if you have to leave them alone  in order to do it!  “

Author Unknown.


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