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Posted on: September 13, 2010

Hi there everyone….nice to know you are there!

Its been a very quiet week here in sunny old Spain!  The temperature has at long last started to drop a little and we are now in or around 82 degrees which is a little more comfortable than it has been so we have at last started to venture out a little bit more!  I really would like to get away somewhere a little cooler next year in August.

The holidaymakers have now more or less all gone.  We are now in the “oldies” time of year!  All those that either like us don’t like it too hot or they don’t like crowds and children (or both!).  Only about 2 holiday makers here now so the block is slowly but surely coming back to us! The complex cat, Mumsy, is once again walking around. In July and August she tends to hide away from the children who torment her all the time.  Fortunately, there are quite a few regulars who she goes to for cover.  She will be back at our door real soon without doubt!  She is getting on a bit I guess, probably around 18 years old.  From what I’m told she was a stray that came in to the block  and had kittens in someone’s wardrobe! The English that were here at the time managed to find homes for the kittens and had Mumsy spayed.  She has never left since!  We look after her most of the year unless she thinks she is going to be offered better elsewhere!  Unfortunately, there are quite a few strays around here but the plus side is that there are also quite a few people who will feed them.  There was a terrible story this week about a stray Shar-pei dog, similar to our Ugly One. He had been thrown onto the street to fend for himself.  That in itself is bad enough but this poor little man couldn’t see anything either because of the folds in his skin that is covering his eyes.  He has been named Sharpey and one of the charities is now looking for an owner for him who will be willing to pay for an operation too.  We always seem to have more strays around after the holiday period.  I am pretty sure that people come here from other parts of the country and either decide to just leave their little dogs or genuinely lose them.  If I could afford it I would love to pay for them all to be given a home somewhere safe, warm and comfortable.

September 13th today.  It would have been my Mum and Dad’s 53rd wedding anniversary today.  I can’t believe that it is over 3 years now since Dad passed away so suddenly.  It was just a few months before their golden wedding anniversary so on the day I went all over the place looking to buy 50 yellow roses to put on the grave.  Mum and I spent hours there arranging them and putting balloons and cards on the grave.  If Dad was looking down on us he would have thought we were crazy, especially if he could hear us….we both had headsets on and were listening to his hero, Bing Crosby singing the song that we had played at his funeral..Goodnight Sweetheart.  I like to think that they are together again now, probably giving each other hell mind you! Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad, Love and miss you both.  All forgiven. XXX

Very tired this morning as last night we were picking up friends from the airport in Alicante that have an apartment here.  They were due to land at 11.15 but it was delayed so they didn’t actually get here until 1.15am!  Must have been almost 3 before we went to bed.  Unfortunately, the Ugly One (aka Fat Albert, aka Chunky) didn’t care one bit and was still awake at 7 am!  I think I did the whole 45 minute walk this morning with my eyes half closed!

Someone told us about a restaurant which is just behind our block that we have never really bothered to try before. We decided that we would give it a go today for lunch as it is only 5 euros 50 cents for a Menu of the Day.  (3 courses plus a drink, bread, salad).  It was so funny because we arrived at about 1.15 but there were only a couple of people in there….at 1.45 we were still waiting and the waitress just smiled sweetly! Unusually for Tony he didn’t just walk out..I think we were still too tired to even worry about it.  At 2 o’clock the hoards ascended!  Spanish came from everywhere and the place was full to overflowing. I didn’t realise there was that many people left in Torrevieja!  It was just like having a school dinner….all the meals came out together!  Paella, pork chop and tirimusu!  Can’t grumble at that can you for the price!  I love it eating with the Spanish…I know I’ve probably said it all before but they do just go to battle when they have a meal!  Everyone just gets tucked in…if you don’t stab something with your fork…its gone! No one sits back on ceremony..join in or miss out!  Perhaps when we have plenty of time we will go there again!

There is a general strike scheduled here for the 29th September.  Normally wouldn’t be a problem as Spain seems to have more holidays than any country I have ever known but this time it has caused us a few problems.  For the first time in many, many years we are going to go away on holiday! We have had to change our flight and stay a few days in London just to make sure we are there for the flight! It is usually cheaper to go from London than Madrid anyway.  We are off to Las Vegas! We have been really looking forward to it but have had endless problems with the travel agent.  Yesterday was yet another problem.  We just by chance phoned the hotel as Tony had a feeling there would be a problem with the room….(sixth sense I guess!). Sure enough, the room we had booked was not right… is now with the agents to sort out.  I won’t bore you with all the details, but just to say that this is about the 5th time we have had to get them to change something that they had messed up…..I’m beginning to think this “holiday of a lifetime” isn’t meant to happen.  I’ll keep you posted on that and how it goes.

This week on Thursday Tony ‘s brother comes over for a week.  He isn’t staying near us but Tony will go to visit him.Unfortunately, his brother and I don’t see eye to eye which again is a long story.  Families! My aunt then comes over on Sunday for a few days. So I think the next couple of weeks are going to be pretty hectic here.

Those of you on the Carers forum will have read about the problems I have had with my sister.  It really knocked me back a bit when I had the letter from her solicitor last week.  She is fully aware that I have invested the money in accordance with Mum’s will but has obviously gone to the solicitor giving him some story about me!  Fortunately, I have everything documented and also checked with a solicitor that I am not under any obligation to give her details of the accounts.  I am desperately trying to ensure that she doesn’t get her hands on the children’s money.  When I sold the house to my cousin she was constantly trying to get my cousin to give her half the money rather than go through the solicitors!  The awful thing was that she was then telling my youngest daughter (whom I love dearly but who I don’t have a very good relationship with because I left her dad), that I had been asking for the money!  Fortunately, my daughter realised that my sister had been telling lies.  My cousin was getting into a bit of a state too over it all because he was being bombarded with phone calls from my sister and her husband.  At the moment I believe my sister is looking to move and I presume, rightly or wrongly, that is why she is making one further attempt to find out about the money. How sad is it?  Even the solicitor that I had dealing with Mum’s estate wouldn’t have anything to do with my sister.  He said she was very aggressive!  Tell me about it! I owe him a big thank you because he did make me realise that I needed to stand up to her once and for all.  Sorry, rambling on again as usual…you can tell there is still a lot going on in my head about the whole situation.  Anyway, since my last reply to the solicitor I have yet to hear anything so I am keeping my fingers crossed (and toes) that this will be the end of the situation and I can just move on.

Tony is still doing well with his keep fit.  I decided this week that I really needed to do something too….everyone needs a fat friend and I didn’t want to be his!  Nice things to eat are out and I’m cycling a bit now too…..oh to be 25 again instead of 52…..the weight just used to fall off in the old days but nowadays I only have to look at something and it finds itself a nice little place to settle on my hips!

Well….time to move on I suppose.  The 3 m musketeers will need walking soon…I should be stick thin the number of times they go out!

Keep safe everyone.  I will write again before we go away, assuming that we actually get to go!

Bell x

“families are like fudge….mostly sweet with a few nuts”  Author unknown


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