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Back to normal…..

Posted on: August 22, 2010

Well, as normal as I can get!!

Hello one and all.

Sunday night again….unbelievable how fast time passes us by isn’t it!  We have had a really lovely week here. Samantha came over last Sunday and stayed until Thursday with us and it was wonderful.  I just love having her with me to spoil her.  I wish it could be that both my daughters would be here but sadly, it doesn’t look like that is going to happen for the foreseeable future.  My youngest, Colette, is happy though and that is all any mother can hope for I guess.

We had Sunday lunch out and then spent the rest of the day just chilling out together. I was able to show her all the little things we had talked about over the months on the phone, our flat since it had been done up and of course, Evil Edna!  Samantha wasn’t over keen at first with the little madam but I think by the end of the four days she had warmed a little towards her!  Samantha is most definately a Bobby’s girl and every time the wee wee kid went to bite poor Bobby (as she does for a past time) Samantha had a look that she would bite her back herself!

On Monday the weather didn’t look too promising so we decided to take a trip up to show her Benidorm.  Big Mistake….Benidorm was full – they were actually queuing up  from the motorway to get in there so we bypassed it and went to Guadalest instead.  Actually, I think it was a better decision as Guadalest was much quieter and it is a pretty drive there too.

After coffee there, we made our way home and settled down nicely around the pool.  It turned out that the weather here had been absolutely fine afterall, but still, it was good to get out and about a bit for the day.

We went out each evening with Samantha so Tony’s diet and my “eat slow” were put on hold I’m very glad to say as I thoroughly enjoyed my puddings and “treats”.  Having someone over is a good excuse to eat ice-creams and lovely things like that…”come again soon…..please!”!

The week went so very quick and off we were again back to Alicante airport to see her safely on the plane.  We took the wee wee kid with us who managed to disgrace herself in the airport terminal….fortunately I had a bag with me and was able to pick up the evidence before anyone noticed. Must admit, very unusual for her I can only think that she thought she was still outside….Tony and Samantha saw and were gone faster than you could say Jack Robertson leaving me with the monster!

Tony had another tattoo (he will be the tattooed man of Torrevieja soon!) done on his leg, above Uxorious.  It now reads “Michele…..831….Uxorious” in fancy lettering.  Apart from when he has very short shorts , which is never really, no-one will see it apart from yours truely.  My god would he have his worked cut out if he ever dumped me though!!! It would cost him a fortune to get rid of that lot!

Had some news that there is a strong possibility of a general strike here in Spain at the end of September which was great as we have a flight booked to go back to the UK.  We have now had to change the flight and book a hotel for a few days which has cost us a fair bit…couldn’t take a chance though that we would miss our connecting flight as we are flying out to Las Vegas.  Trip of a life time and all that so good old Mr Ryanair has benefited from us…..again! It actually worked out cheaper than to try to change the Easyjet flight to book another one instead…crazy or what! I will tell you all about the holiday plans in another blog.

The old eyeballs are improving each day and tomorrow I have to go to see Dr Legos for my hopefully, final check up for a while.  My eyesight is so much better now and sometimes I have to pinch myself to realise that I can see so much but that I’m not wearing glasses.  They say it takes several months to fully see the benefits but I’m very pleased with what I have so far.  I do have these “halo’s” that I was told about ….it is at night really when the lights outside are on.  Inside seem to be ok but against the dark sky the stars or lights have either lines of light under them or a halo effect.  Apparently this will pass….hope so or Las Vegas is certainly going to be interesting!

In a way it is a shame that this operation isn’t available to people on the NHS in the UK…..sounds crazy but it would ultimately save so much money in the long term.  There would be no operations for cateracts, gloucoma is reduced, no further prescriptions for glasses etc etc it would save the government a fortune but I suppose they don’t look at the long term so much as the initial costs….pity because it would give such a better quality of life to so many people.

After several years we have tonight discovered how to change the language on our tv from Spanish to English!  There are so many films on here that are dubbed into Spanish and we knew there was a way and tonight…BINGO!  We do have English TV but it isn’t the best quality to be honest, it is through a re-broadcaster and although we somehow receive BBC, ITV etc the majority of programmes are the free to view ones that they rebroadcast.  We pay 21 euros a month for that and when the weather is bad…bye bye television!  When the weather is good its bye bye post…when its holiday time here, ie August, and the postman is on holiday 9 times out of 10 there is no one to replace him so we get no post!   Its also really quite normal to go to the post office and read a note in Spanish that basically says that Mr Postie has “gone for his breakfast…back in 20 minutes”!!  Can you imagine that in the UK….it does make me laugh though!

One more week then the Madrid lot will be heading home ……ahh, poor things …”close the gate on Torrevieja as you leave please”!!! It is nice to have everyone here, but I do like the peace and quiet when they have all gone too!  We get the place back to ourselves more or less around October when there are normally only 4 flats occupied for the whole of the year….bliss!

Well my friends, I am getting the look from Sir that my eyeballs have probably been on here enough now and Sir probably knows best!

Take care…love to you all.

Bell x


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Back to normal?…..

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  • Linda: Thanks Bell, I'm currently in the 'will I or won't I' situation. This has certainly been helpful. All the best Linda
  • Andy: Hi Bell, I am very interested in having my eyes done too. However, prices in the UK are outrageous. Could you tell me the name or website of the clin
  • Carol Harshman: Had my right eye done 3 days ago. Felt like 3-4 grains of sand in eye for 2 days. Unrelenting pain. Saw Dr. yesterday and all is well, except corne


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