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Posted on: July 3, 2010

Just popped in as at the moment I’m hiding inside out of the sun! I know, I should be grateful but it burns your feet just walking outside if you don’t have your shoes on (not in the habit of walking the streets with no shoes on but the pool area feels like my back garden, even if I do have to share it with 53 flats!).Dogs do a hop, skip and jump just to do a wee outside and run like the clappers to get back in! There are quite a few little kiddywinkles here now, all Spanish and all thinking that the Ugly one is a cuddly bear….to us he is, to them….I don’t think so! Funny thing is, if they were in the house he would be absolutely fine with them, he is just not nice when he is on a lead. They all want to hold the Wee Wee kid, but as no-one has put their hands up to take her home, why should I share her!! No, to be honest, I think she is fine with them but because she has had little contact with little ones because no-one really lives here in the winter when she has been growing, I have to be careful.

If you read my reply to Susie, you would see that it is 32 degrees here and I think that is us for the summer now, year before last it didn’t rain from April to October.  Sounds great but to be honest the heat can really drain you (no pleasing some of us I know).  Some people we know who live just in Murcia say it has been 40 degrees there this weekend!  Yuck!  It never ceases to amaze me though the number of English that stay out in the sun all day.  I have literally seen youngsters with burn blisters and it looks horrendous.

The mossies are still after me too… today we decided to buy a net for the front gate to keep the little blighters out. We have blinds at the windows but tend to keep the door gate opened most of the time so we can have some air blowing through.  The mossies obviously think we do this so they can have a short cut through to the road behind, eating whichever one of us they can on the way!  So today, off we went to the DIY shop and had a bargain of 10 euros for the netting.  Tony set about cutting it to size and got out his gun (glue one of course) and stuck the netting neatly to the front of the gate. Picture this, he was outside, I’m on the inside and as he finished he told me to come outside to have a look.  Would have done if it wasn’t for the fact that there isn’t a handle to the gate on the inside!  We normally have to put our hand through the bar to open the gate….can’t do that with the net on it!  Neither of us had even thought of that!   We managed to work around it in the end, just have to use a key to open the gate….we spent a fortune on the flat this year but we still end up with the old Blue Peter method in the end!

Heard from Judy the other day (she was the lady who I told you about that cares for Chris, John and Louise).  Apparently all went well on the journey home, despite Mr O’Leary’s best efforts to make the flight as difficult as possible for the disabled. John got a little bit confused when he got home and couldn’t remember where his bedroom was and kept going into a small room next to his own.  When Judy went in and managed to hold on to his hand to guide him out, he insisted he didn’t want to dance and just wanted to sit down!  Eventually she got him to his bedroom where he apparently let out a sigh of relief and said “ah there it is at last”!  Bless him.  Chris is now looking forward to Christmas!

Had coffee on the beach earlier on and have to admit that I bought some more counterfeit cd’s.  A lovely Chinese girl looks out for me now!  I’m listening to them as I type…Vera Lynn, Kenny G and Glee!!  Tony looks at me as if I have lost the plot…Vera Lynn?????!!  I just love all sorts of music and really don’t care whether it is popular or not!

Looks like we will be in for some fireworks again tonight….Spain playing Paraguay in the World Cup.  You won’t see a soul outside other than those in the bars and if they win….batten down the hatches! We have our flag flying, its attached to the mop broom and hanging off the gate…if you can’t beat um, join um!

Right then folks, time to say Adios for today…..busy week coming up for us as we have Brenda and Andrew over for a couple of weeks.  Lovely couple in their 70’s …we are their adopted children for the time that they are here!

Catch you all soon.  Take care….keep smiling  (and as they say “you don’t need to feel the rays of the sun to know that someone is thinking of you”)…. Bell x


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don’t bother sending us any more sun – like you I’m hiding in doors too ! Even the cat thinks it’s too hot and is fast asleep on Mum’s bed cuddled up next to her stuffed toy poodle – they do make a cute picture ! Finally remembered to collect the fan from my place yesterday so had it running last night and did achieve a few hours sleep !

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  • Linda: Thanks Bell, I'm currently in the 'will I or won't I' situation. This has certainly been helpful. All the best Linda
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