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Just back from Gibraltar……

Posted on: June 29, 2010

Evening everyone, hope you are all well and I think, enjoying some sunshine over there. Early this evening we arrived back from a weekend in Gibraltar.  We left early Friday morning with our friends Gordon and Jane (I actually always call Gordon Leg End as his email address begins with Legend and it has just always stuck).  Anyway, Tony and Leg End shared the driving and we arrived there at about 3.30 after leaving home at 7. We had made a few stops along the way so in all, quite good going.   Leg End had felt a bit poorly and at one point I was worried that he wouldn’t be able to make the journey, but there was some spirit in the old dog and he pulled through!  (I think it was car sickness actually and the pills did the job).

We had heard some real horror stories about Gibraltar and to be honest I wasn’t expecting too much but was really pleasantly surprised. When you get to the border, they check your passports and luckily enough there weren’t any queues.  We did have to wait though for a plane to cross the runway before we were aloud to cross over (you actually drive over the runway which is a wee bit scarey!). We obviously looked innocent enough, either that or the Spanish really aren’t that bothered who goes over to Gibraltar anyway!. When we were waiting for the plane to take off, we were surrounded by mopeds which didn’t bode well but soon as we got the green light, they were off…all shapes, sizes and ages!  Some of the old chaps on those mopeds didn’t look like they could stand up let alone ride a moped so good on ’em!

Our hotel was in the centre of the town and the streets were very narrow. Leg End was driving at this point and I could see Tony physically breathing in as we turned around the corners!! Once Flo (our car named after Miss Daisey who was Doreen Florence!!) was parked, she never moved again until it was time to come home. Lovely room and as it was a 4 star it was really good value at £198 for 3 nights, including breakfast.  The dining room was on the top floor (8th) so we had a great view all over Gibraltar.

People had told us how dirty the place was but we didn’t find that to be the case. Yes, there were boxes outside some of the shops on the night time but as we were walking along the bin men were collecting them just the same as in any other town and in the morning it looked spotless again.  All the shops were there that you lot all take for granted…M & S, BHS, Dorothy Perkins, Wallis…..I was in heaven! Its the little things that make a girl happy you know and the fact that I was able to buy a couple of bras without feeling like I was asking to cover two large sandia melons, made me feel good!  After a quick walk around to see what was about, we all headed into the square and had a meal.  I had half a cow I think and was able to share this with a couple of wild cats.  We all slept like logs that night but I was up with the lark and ready to pay homage to Saint Michael (M&S)!!!

Saturday’s shopping morning was followed by a nice chill out afternoon around the pool.  All dressed up like proper little holidaymakers, we set off to another bar for a meal on the evening.  Leg End and Jane had a lovely curry and Tony and I ordered a BLT, thinking it would come with chips or salad.  WRONG!  It was cold toast with cold chicken and bacon in the middle.  We gave it back and the very nice waitress apologised and said she would take it out to the chef.  20 minutes or so later out came the BLT again (same one) with the nice young girl telling us as she proudly put it back on the table “the chef has warmed up the chicken and the bacon”!!! Ugh!  When I looked at the plate, that is exactly what he had done and I could imagine him playing around with the toast which was now not little triangles in neat little lines but triangles of bread all mixed up where he had been taking out the filling and replacing it!!!  Needless to say that went back and we left and went to the bar right opposite and had a lovely steak sandwich!

Sunday (27th)  was Tony’s birthday and he was 54 years young. We all decided to go up on to the “Rock” and took the cable car right to the top where we were met by Dana and her family (Apes).  They were lovely albeit mischievous.  One little one jumped down from the wall, ran past me and slapped my leg as she went!

It was really interesting talking to one of the volunteers there who gave us a brief intro to life in Gibraltar.  It seemed so strange to (in our mind) still be in Spain but for all intent and purpose we were in England! The man made it perfectly clear that the people consider themselves to be linked with the UK and certainly not with Spain. There is a very large Jewish community which I was a little surprised at, particularly as there are obviously several Arabs but it was wonderful to think that they could all live so close and yet without problem. Everything considered, a wonderful place to visit and I would thoroughly recommend it.

If I can, I will try to post some photos with this post but the photo could end up anywhere!

June 28th would have been Miss Daisey’s 87th Birthday.  Love and miss you very much Miss Daisey….and whilst we were away we thought of you often and all the things we just knew you would say about being in Gibraltar and all the Brandy you would have enjoyed drinking when we were there!  Thank you for all our lovely memories.

(Tuesday)…Picked up the dogs this morning.  Seems as though they have enjoyed their break from us too. Bobby apparently made himself right at home and slept on the ladies bed, Chunky decided he wasn’t going to eat unless he could have ham sandwiches! Needless to say he managed to keep this up for 3 out of 4 nights…what dog wouldn’t want ham rather than dried biscuits, come on!!! The wee wee kid wasnt put in her place as I had hoped, but made her presence known to one and all…she is a right little madam. Fiona really liked her though so thankfully she has agreed to have them all again when we go on holiday in October. It is nice to have them home now but at the same time, it was great to be able to stay in bed without our early morning call from Miss Bossy Boots!

We watched the football when we were away…..enough said? My theory is that in “normal” life, if you don’t perform at your job you are given a warning and if that continues, you are out… why haven’t half of them got the sack???? We’re watching Spain as I type and they have just scored……fireworks are being let off all around me! Big boy is the most scared of them all when it comes to fireworks…I have a 30kg Shar-pei trying to sit on my lap!

Right then folks, hope all is well your end, I’ll go off now and try to see what I can do with these photographs……don’t hold your breath!

Love to you all as always.  Bel x


2 Responses to "Just back from Gibraltar……"

Hi there

glad you had a good time on Gib, it’s been many, many years since I was last there – lovely photos !

Yes, we are ‘enjoying’ the sunshine, but unfortunately (in my case anyway) no sea for a quick cooling dip ! Although we did have a couple of showers today – even as I type it is still 17c and too hot for sleep.

keep blogging Bell, my heart lifts when I see the notification in my inbox !!

x x x

Bless you! I’ll send some sunshine over to you…I’m hiding inside away from it at the moment….33 degrees last time I looked and some friends have arrived here because it was 40 degrees in Murcia which is a town around 20 minutes from here!!! Guess we are never grateful!! x

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