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20th June 2010…..

Posted on: June 20, 2010

Well this last week or so have been very mixed. June has certainly been quite a month for me emotionally. It was the year anniversary since Mum died, then two days later 3 years since Dad passed away. The 14th would have been my dear uncle Bill’s birthday too. I have always said to Tony, try not to remember the day that Sam died, remember the day he was born and all the wonderful times you spent together. The day he passed away is not a happy time.  Unfortunately, I was not really so good at putting my own advice into practice and missed them all terribly this week.

Have had problems all week with my hip, think I put something out of place when I went on Tony’s rowing machine….I’m not meant for this keep fit lark, I’m really not. Tony broke the stepping machine (thank god) but unfortunately managed to fix it too! We decided that we would buy a running machine so took ourselves off to Elche which is about 30 minutes from here and ordered one, all being well and assuming my Spanish is ok, we have it being delivered tomorrow. I think I should be ok on that when I’m back to being 100% anyway.  Need to do something otherwise this big “M” is going to get the better of me! (“M” being the menopause thingy!!!).

On Friday I flew back to the UK to spend the weekend with my daughter Samantha. She was not able to pick me up from the airport this time as she had to work and so I had quite a trip. Left home at around 7.30 and travelled to Alicante to fly with dear old Ryanair…..what is it with the stewards on that airline, are they taught to be rude?  Easyjet look like real professionals in comparison and that’s saying something.  The steward was really having a go at a woman and insisting that she put her cardigan above in the locker for take off.  The thing was, I noticed, but he didn’t that she was Spanish and couldn’t understand a word he was saying…including the bit where he said it was “not only hers, but for everyone’s safety”.  OK, but then I read in the Ryanair magazine on board that old Michael O’leary is seeking approval to convert so many of the seats on the plane to “vertical seats” on short haul flights.  This means that basically for, I presume, a cheaper fare, you can stand all the way.  Surely a flying passenger that is not fastened into a seat is going to be more dangerous than a short black cardigan????? Perhaps it’s me!

Arrived in Bristol and off the plane and onto a bus with yet another grumpy driver who told me to hurry up if I wanted to get on…(doing me best mate, you try carrying this suitcase with a wonky hip!) Sat in a seat where for some reason I got soaked from water, I presume coming from an air conditioning unit overhead.  Nice one, not the look I was going for but had a feeling I would be bothered even less by the end of the day.  This bus decided to take the scenic route all around Clifton before arriving in the Bus station where I went into the ticket office. I explained that I needed to get to the cemetery and then back on the bus to Weston super Mare and the man there told me which was the ticket to buy. £8 day rider….bargain!  Asked where I had been (the tan gives it away I guess) and told me he would look me up when he was next over…..excellent, Tony would love that!  He then said “have a nice time today…” before realising that I had said I was going to the cemetery and quickly apologised!!!!! Laughed at that one…..

Walked to the bank next to exchange some £2 coins that we had. I asked if they were still legal tender as they looked different.  Turned out they were special edition ones that were issued for the last world cup, or the one before that, and he reckoned they were still only worth £2 so I said…”give me the money” thinking that someone will probably make a few bob on them but I will get a nice t shirt in Primark!! Result!

Off to the next bus, loaded up with cakes for Samantha and Ben and flowers for Mum and Dad’s grave.  After 20 minutes off the bus and a hike up the hill to the cemetery. I was really pleased to see that my sister had been there and put some flowers on the grave. I had been worried that it would look a mess as I haven’t been there for a couple of months. It being Father’s Day on the Sunday I presume Helen had been there this week.  Just managed to get most of the flowers in and then hunted around for my Nan’s grave and put some there too.  Mum would never let me do that when she was alive and always insisted that they all went on Dad’s…… not a lot of love lost I don’t think between Mum and my Nan (Dad’s Mum), still make my own decisions now.

Next was a walk down to the bus stop after I had sat a while and had a little cry. Found the bus stop eventually as I would normally have gone to the one near Mum’s house but decided that I didn’t want to see it anymore now that it had been sold. It just brings back too many memories and is very sad. Everyone around me was dressed in football shirts, face paints etc it seemed, ready for the “big match”…..ooops wasn’t though was it!

Bus took me back to bus station and the final stretch of my journey.  Looked at my phone and had received 11 missed calls from Tony and Samantha..I think because I am under 5′ tall nobody seems to think I am able to get from a – b on my own.  Listen you lot, I am 52 years young and have had a good career, brought up two beautiful, intelligent girls, married 33 years (albeit that is spread between 2 husbands!) and am quite capable of getting on a bus, but thank you for caring.

I practically fell into Samantha’s car at the bus stop ….in the rain by the way with no cardigan because my dear daughter had told me how hot it was going to be this weekend. Bless them, they had bought a chinese so we just chilled out and I enjoyed every single mouth full.

We were up early on Saturday for our day out in Bath, by train.  The station is very close to her home so it was just a short walk to the station.  We had a really lovely day there. It is years since either of us had been there and there were a lot more shops than before although we weren’t really looking to shop til we dropped. Our first stop was M & S where I had promised myself to be measured for a new….bra! Samantha chickened out so off I went to the cubicle alone with “Nicky”.  It would appear that I am the opposite of anorexic and see myself as much smaller than I obviously am!  When Nicky brought in the bra’s me I wasn’t sure whether to put them on or use them as a safety parachute for the journey home!  At one point, poor Nicky couldn’t sort me out and big Olga had to be called in!  Olga was taking no messing..,,,,”lift your breasts in please Madam” and I dutifully obeyed!  Two hours later we left M & S laden down with carrier bags of underwear and a mental note to cut the labels out before I ever put them on the line….where they will definitely be folded in half twice!

We watched street entertainers and then went to buy make up…..a very nice lady helped us with all our make up disasters and even Samantha allowed her to put make up on which was very rare.  Again, more carrier bags but a feeling that if my baloobas were so big that I fell over at least when they turned me over my face would look pretty!

The highlight of the day was a visit to the Pump rooms for high tea!  Champagne, with salmon, cream cakes, scones, clotted cream…the works.  We were given a table in front of the pianist who was accompanied by a man playing a cello and one playing a violin.  It was wonderful.  Samantha and I were looking around and noticed a lady sat alone looking like she had been stood up. Her salmon was on the table for two and she had a face like a wet weekend.  Then her man came in from the far end with a very sheepish look on his face, when he got to her he went on one knee and proposed!!! He got up pretty quick though and was obviously very nervous but the look on her face showed that she must have said yes!!

Arrived home at Samantha’s at around 7 pm absolutely exhausted. Ben phoned to say that he had lost his fishing line and reel overboard….£300 worth!  He is adorable and I couldn’t wish for a better son in law but Ben could lose a black piece of paper in a white book!

Both Samantha and I feel asleep really quick on Saturday night and up with the lark again for the journey home today….another treat with Ryanair.  Probably one of the bumpiest rides I have ever had on any plane and I thought “this is it Bell…you’re going down”, put my fingers in my ears and closed my eyes (why?) but eventually things evened out and we landed to a very loud applause and a big sigh of relief from me,

Well, that was my week…I feel exhausted now just typing it! Its lovely to be home now…Tony was late meeting me because the silly fool didn’t check the board and I was in a different terminal to him….an hour later we met up!  The 3 musketeers met me and seemed pleased that I had come home too.  It is the wee wee kid’s first birthday today too…bless! I’m surprised she has made it this far…only joking Lola! Tomorrow I am off to the doctor at the hospital and once again hoping that she will discharge me from the physiotherapy department.  I feel I have been there longer now than some of the staff and that just can’t be right!

I’m over the moon that Lazydaisey is now a Nanny and wish baby Daniel and Katie all the very best. Let’s hope that people sat up and listened to everyone in Carers week last week too and well done Susie and all the others who went to No 10.  Not sure where I heard it but have to agree with the person who said that those on benefits receive reduced rates on entrance fees etc etc but why on earth do Carers not get the same….I suppose we have to keep raising our voices in the hope that one day someone will listen and help all those wonderful people out there, many who are often silent, that are caring for loved ones day after day after day.  God bless every single one of you.

Right, time to catch up on what has been happening in the world whilst I have been sat on planes, buses, and trains.

Take care everyone… as always, Bell x


6 Responses to "20th June 2010….."

Wow Bell, I felt as if had run a marathon after reading your post. I was knackered just reading all you have been up to :P.

I am pleased you keep in touch, both here and on Carers UK.

x x x

Imagine how I felt Rosemary…too old for this lark!! It was a good excuse not to feel guilty when the clotted cream came around though!

Good heavens remind me never to fly Ryanair! I thought My Travel were bad enough when I few with them.
Glad you had a great time in the UK, to be honest M&S have got a terrible reputation for bra measuring, I always go to a department store with lingerie section. Was told never to go to M&S by my boob surgeon. xx

You mean old Olga may have got it wrong???? God I hope that doesn’t mean I’ve got to go through it all again!! Put the strapless one in my drawer and to be honest I think it needs a drawer of its own its so big!!! Pamela Anderson eat ‘yer heart out!

I am so enjoying your blogging, Bell.

We call Easyjet………..Scarey Jet and when there was Air Ecosse that was scare ecosse! Must say I prefer both feet firmly on the ground.

Take care of yourself and that precious Tony.


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  • Linda: Thanks Bell, I'm currently in the 'will I or won't I' situation. This has certainly been helpful. All the best Linda
  • Andy: Hi Bell, I am very interested in having my eyes done too. However, prices in the UK are outrageous. Could you tell me the name or website of the clin
  • Carol Harshman: Had my right eye done 3 days ago. Felt like 3-4 grains of sand in eye for 2 days. Unrelenting pain. Saw Dr. yesterday and all is well, except corne


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