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9th June 2010…..RIP Mum

Posted on: June 9, 2010

Evening all.  Looking back tonight and I can’t believe time has flown so quickly since I was on here last.  I guess if I had a really exciting life I would need to post more regularly, but I’m just little old me in sunny Spain!!

Life has been pretty busy this last week or so, I’m beginning to feel like some sort of Saga Rep! ! Sunday I caught myself walking around with my diary under my arm and thought this is crazy!  The thing is, the block where we live is mostly Spanish as I’ve said often before, so if anyone English comes in looking for a flat to rent they are always directed to me.  If Spanish come in, for some reason, they are still directed to me!  Over the weekend a lovely Spanish couple came in that have rented an apartment before and they really  are really nice so I took it upon myself to help them, or at least try.  They have a disabled daughter and I guess that was one of the reasons I was really anxious that they found somewhere suitable but sadly the owners were just getting a bit too greedy and instead of thinking something is better than nothing they are really holding out for the “big money” which is often paid in July and August.  This family just couldn’t stretch that far so sadly left with nowhere for their holiday.  Hopefully someone in another block will be able to help them.

Tony and I have always said that if we won the lottery we would love to build a hospice, we’ve even chosen a piece of land right on the sea front!  We decided it would be called Sam’s House after Tony’s son and it would be for children and filled to the brim with everything that they wanted.  What a wonderful gift it must be to win money like this so that you could give it to worthy causes and see the smiles on people’s faces.  One day Rodney, one day……

Judy and her gang have had a lovely time and are off home tomorrow lunchtime.  John hasn’t managed to get a tan apart from two red marks on his tummy where Lindsey obviously missed with the sun cream!  The other day we were trying to get him to come down to sit by the pool but he just said he was “very sorry, but I am otherwise engaged”!!! Chris has probably worked his way through a couple of notebooks writing street names down in alphabetical order but has been in the swimming pool a couple of times and loved every minute of it too.  Louise is now fully equipped with shorts of mine which I have never worn and also several pieces of jewellery. She only has to look at something I have on and I think to myself, ah well, I can buy another!!

John has convinced himself now after 22 years or so that Judy is his mother….fine in itself apart from the fact that he is about 10 years older than her!  He really does make me smile though, he was eating his tea and was determined to pick up the peas with the end of the fork, he is far to posh to “scoop” them up – won’t hear of it!  I’m going to miss them all when they go tomorrow.  Olive and Terry have enjoyed themselves too and had a photograph taken when Judy took them to the Benidorm Palace for the dinner show,  I thought it was lovely that they had got married just 4 years ago but when I was talking to Lindsey who works in the home where they live, she was saying that she didn’t think it was really their idea but that of the home owner who just happened to have a double room available that was proving difficult to fill and needed single rooms!  That said, they are obviously very happy so good luck to them, so long as no-one ever takes advantage then its ok by me.

For 2 weeks now Tony and I have been on a healthy eating campaign.  I didn’t particularly want to but if Tony loses weight then I have to as well – couldn’t bear the thought of him getting slimmer and me not!  We haven’t gone mad just cut out the lovely cakes and biscuits etc….doesn’t leave much though to be honest!  We have also introduced ourselves to Jimbo (not the one on the Carers Forum either!).  Jimbo is the garage where Tony has now fixed up a small trampoline rowing machine, stepping machine and any other instrument of pain that he can get his hands on!  I’m obviously nowhere near as fit as I once was and it certainly takes some time for certain parts of my body to come back down to their rightful place when I get on the trampoline but Im sure with practice I will get better……Its actually quite funny because Jimbo is in a group of garages which are underneath the building. We have to trick the lights to staying on all the time as they are on a switch cut out system. We have Mum’s record player down their and plenty of Bing Crosby LP’s (and a few CD’s too!) and we just have a bit of fun down there and then jump in the pool after.  You won’t recognise me in a few months time…..I guess you probably wouldn’t have anyway thought would you!!

Last week our friends dog, Bella, passed away.  She was absolutely adorable but had suffered with Cushons Disease all her life. She needed to have an operation which the vet gave the go ahead for and she actually pulled through but sadly her heart gave way a couple of days later.  Jane and Gordon were devestated as she was a very much loved little dog.  She had a midnight burial under the palm trees.

Tony and I decided that we would drive down to Gibraltar as it is only about 6 or so hours away.  Many people say its not that nice a place to visit but I guess it is something you have to “do”.  We’ve managed to get a good deal on the internet – 3 nights for the price of 2 and so we are going to go down at the end of the month.  Jane and Gordon are coming with us too so I am really looking forward to that.  We will get to go to places like Morrisons and M & S…its the simple things in life that make an old woman happy!!!

I’m off next weekend to see Samantha again just for the weekend.  Really looking forward to that and we’re hoping to be able to go to Bath as it really is only a short drive from Weston super Mare.  May even get to go into the Pump rooms – we often used to take the girls there when they were small.  They loved to drink their fresh orange juice and see the musicians playing on the grand piano….and of course, their is the cream tea! (diets don’t count when you are on holiday you know!)…

Well, today is June the 9th and even thought it seems so very hard to believe, it is a year ago today that my Mum finally lost her battle with life.  Strangely, I woke with a start in the early hours of the morning which was exactly the time Mum had passed away…spooky or possibly it had just  been playing on my mind..   Even though Mum and I probably had issues that will never be resolved now, I miss her terribly and still at times find it hard to comprehend that I no longer have my family with me.  No more phone calls….. I’d like to think that they were all together now up there, but I’m not sure Miss Daisey would agree as she was always frightened of my Mum!   There were two pieces of music that were played at Mum’s funeral: Lionel Ritchie “Goodbye” – the words were so appropriate and always seemed so personal for mum and myself and all the time we spent together in the last months of her life. The other was Goodnight Sweetheart which was Bing Crosby and also played at Dad’s funeral and the words to that one say it all.  Hope you don’t mind, but I will put them on here so I can link it through when I look back in the future.

I’m still trying to sort out a vase for Mum to have on Dad’s grave.  I don’t seem to be able to get a heart shaped one so will have to get an a granite vase, it would have been nice to have this for when I go back but looks like it will be next time now.

Found a very nice lady today (found? guess that should be met) who is going to look after the 3 musketeers when we go away.  She has 3 dogs too, one of which was an ex gun dog who apparently didn’t come up to scratch so the rotten so and so’s cut off his tail and shot him in the back leg before dumping him somewhere.  Thankfully they rescued little Barney and his is now a lovely lad…why are some people so cruel?

Well, I’ve probably bored you all enough for one night and I need to look up a few things on here….fat free, sugar free recipes, yummy yuk!

Love to you all from a fast dwindling away Bell XXXX


3 Responses to "9th June 2010…..RIP Mum"

Evening Bell,

Just a quickie note as limited access on my daughters,mines on the blink.
I cant believe its 12 months for your mam,where has the time gone. Plus you still had so much to cope with for Miss Daisy.
You have come a long way, both you and Tony have. It is your time now.

x x x

I concur with Rosemary – has it really been a year already ? 2009 was not a good year for you, so I really hope that things are now on the up and better times are ahead.

Glad your friends have had a lovely holiday and hope you enjoy Gib, but watch our for those monkeys !

x x x

Thank you both so much. I know it really has passed so quickly. Tomorrow (11th June) is 3 years since my Dad died too and that has also flown by. Tony and I do enjoy ourselves without any doubt, but there are, and probably will be for a long time, moments when I go “into myself”. I guess that is quite normal.

Still, there are so many that are struggling at the moment I am so very grateful for all the good things that I still have around me and for the memories that I can hold on to forever.

My love to you both as always. Bell xx

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