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28th May 2010….

Posted on: May 29, 2010

Evening everyone, nearly a week since I was on here to post, life must be very quiet but thats not such a bad thing is it!  Southern Spain has been blessed with very warm weather this week and we are getting to the point where the dogs run out lunchtime as fast as they can to lift their leg (with the exception of the wee wee kid obviously who is very much the lady and always squats!) and then run back in as the ground is so hot.

Holidaymakers are arriving too and the whole place is slowly starting to feel very different from those long winter months.  A neighbour friend has arrived with 11 others in tow! She cares for 3 disabled in her own home and also does respite throughout the year.  The lads (I say lads, but they are 54 and 62!) have lived with her for way over 20 years and are very much part of the family. John has Downs and is very posh! Chris has a form of autism and just adores being over here.  Louise is 26 and has lived with my friend probably for around 3 years and is well settled and happy.  She loves nothing more than to get dressed up and to go to the bar and ask for her Vino Tinto!! John’s parents were, I understand doctors, but felt unable to cope with him and he has been in care for most of his life. Very much a creature of habit.  We were laughing today at some of the things that he has come out with over the years.  One time he had to go to the GP for a check up and the doctor asked if he could provide a specimen.  John just looked horrified and told the doctor “I went to the lavatory at 8am this morning and cant possibly go again before 1 o’clock”!! The first Christmas he was with the family, Judy asked if he would like a small glass of sherry and of course he did.  When the bottle was brought out he apparently said, “at home Sherry comes in a decanter and never in a bottle”!!!

Judy used to also care for Malcolm.  Malcolm was a wonderful man, again with Downs but has sadly now had to be placed in a nursing home as he has many complex medical conditions.  Forgive me if I’ve told this story before, but it makes me laugh so much each time I think of it.  Malcolm had a “thing” for using the vacuum. Christmas used to be a real problem for him because of the pine needles.  He never used to say very much at all but every day when he came down to the lounge he would mutter “bugger, bugger, bugger” when he saw all the needles on the floor and would rush to get the vacuum out to clear up.  One day Judy suggested that he “vacuumed the pine needles” and went in the room later to discover that he had done just that…….all of them, including those on the tree! The Christmas tree was bare as the day it was born with just the baubles hanging on the end of sorryful branches!!!  Well, she did ask!

Its Saturday evening now…(tiredness overtook me when I started to type!) 8 o’clock and the sun is still shining.  We have been to Alicante today and managed to get my Ipod replaced which the shop took in for repair in January.  I mustn’t complain because it was bought almost 2 years ago!  Well worth the wait.

I have been reading some of the roll call posts on the Carers forum and was very interested in the posts about people with a “second sense”.  I told Tony about it and he agreed as when his disabled son was alive he would apparently often be in the bedroom “chatting” away to someone.  Sam always denied that he had been talking to anyone though!  My young niece was only a tiny baby when her dad committed suicide.  As you can imagine it was terribly, terribly tragic.  My sister would keep photographs of him around the house and these would often fall (and usually land in very strange places).  My niece would sometimes at night say that her daddy used to come in at night when she was in the bedroom.  None of us can say for sure….I would like to believe that it is true.

Eurovision tonight and for the first time in as many years as I can remember, I’m not 100% sure I will be watching it!  I’ve got a little disillusioned about it all over the last couple of years as I’m sure the various countries vote for their friends rather than the best song!  So tonight, we are going to watch the lads (John and Chris) do a little karaoke!  I won’t be joining in…….there is only one man that I will ever sing for (no, not Tony, Simon Cowell of course!).

Keep well everyone, hope you have a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend (no holiday here so everything closed as usual tomorrow as its Sunday). Have a little sunshine on me!

Much love to you all.  Bell x


2 Responses to "28th May 2010…."

Hi Bell,

Good to see you’re still keeping the blog going. Its like reading a chapter of a book before going to bed. You bring so much life in to your words.

Its years since I watched Eurovision, in fact dont think ever watched a full show. I get bored after 1st 2/3 songs…lol.

x x x

Oh I loved the tale f the Xmas tree lol, thing is with peple with Downs you have to say things in a certain way as there is no grey areas with them just black and white, the number of times Sarah answers the phone and someone asks her ‘Is your mum there’ she replies yes and the poor person on the phone is just left waiting when all along they should say ‘Is your Mum there bring her to the phone please’ lol

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