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16th May 2010….

Posted on: May 16, 2010

I just love Sunday, not sure why it should be any different to any other day of the week.  When you are retired (a very young retiree I might add!), every day should feel the same but for some reason Sundays are still more restful!

Its been quite a good week all in all.  Back to physio again – part of me just wants to say that my neck is better so I don’t have to go but I guess that would be stupid and it is best that I do get it all sorted out now. Its ok but its the “fango” thing that I’m not too keen on….its a rubber mat that they wrap in a sheet and put on my back. It is moulded into my neck and back and I have to lay there until it cools down.  Paints a lovely picture doesn’t it! All is well until I get one of my “tropical moments”….I have walked away I must admit from one or two fangos with the mould of my back left on the bed!

I’ve spent most evenings this week trying to transfer my music from my old steam driven laptop on to the new one……there are 7,000 songs on there and it is taken quite a time and I’m sure I will end up with RSI or whatever it is of the thumb…I know there must be an easier way of doing it but I was so insistent with Tony that I could do it that I can’t give in now….I’ve made it to the “D’s”  only 22 more letters to go!

You might remember that I said Tony’s dad and his wife were over this week. Sadly, they haven’t spoken to Tony for several years now and I was wondering if this year when we saw him he would speak but when we were walking the dogs he walked past us.  Sad isn’t it really. I think they are due to leave tomorrow but the grapevine tells me that they are back in September.  I have to say he is doing very well for his age.  He must be coming up for 80 now and his wife is 20 years younger (perhaps thats the reason).  He does look a little thinner (and I was pleased to say that his wife looks a little fatter…oops, naughty Bell) but otherwise he looks pretty darn good and is walking around fine.  Hopefully Tony will be the same at that age.

Still having really vivid dreams…..always the same people in my dreams, Mum, Dad and Miss Daisey. Surprisingly, my dear uncle bill is very rarely in my dreams.  They are still mostly focused around my Mum and to be honest they aren’t very pleasant.  It got to the stage where I’m just begging to expect to dream of them each night and wonder if that is partly the problem.  I wake up feeling quite exhaustive as they seem so real at the time.  My ex used to say that he never had a dream, how wonderful that must be to just close your eyes and then wake up 7 hours later all rested! I feel like I go to battle every night.

Tomorrow there are people renting the apartment that Miss Daisey had. I went in this evening to turn on the water etc and found it so very sad. So many of her things are still in there that she bought as we left it for the owners.  I think it will be very odd when I see other people in there.  God I miss that dear lady so very much.

Today we went to see friends who have just come back from travelling around here and there in their mobile home thingy.  They actually went to see their neighbour who live on an island in Holland and just come here to Torrevieja for one week each month.  They were really interesting to talk with.  The husband had something to do with the design of the Mlilenium wheel, but has never been on it as he is afraid of heights! The lady is a senior ITU nurse in Coronary care.  I think they were rather religious and were explaining to us how on their island where there are 6 villages and 43,000 people living, there are 6 churches of differing dominations.  Very strange apparently some of the beliefs – one group are forbidden to speak to anyone on a Sunday….how odd is that! The same group consider tattoos to be evil and would not welcome anyone into the community who had a tattoo.  Thankfully, the couple who I met today were not part of this group, particularly as Tony has a few tattoos as do our friends.  Coral (the lady from Holland) had made a cake and gave me the recipe…it was gorgeous. I made it too when I got home.  It is basically made with flour, butter, sugar and oats with apple and cinnamon on the top.  Delicious and will, from this day forward be known as “Coral’s cake”.  I have had 3 pieces but have decided that as it has porridge oats in it, it must be good for me!

Coral was explaining how the Dutch people remember those that fought and those who died in the war and on May 5th flags are put up everywhere. One day of the week throughout the year, films relating to the war are shown so no-one ever forgets what has happened.  How different this is to the UK…… I found our conversation today fascinating and hope that I am able to meet with them again.

Tomorrow we are meeting up with our friend from the Kennels where we went with Miss Daisey last year ….remember? She is coming down to see our flat as she has never been here and we will go for a bite of lunch or something.  I think the Three musketeers  will find it very odd to see Trish on their own ground!

Okee dokey, time for bed said sleepy head (or is that cake calling me from the fridge?)… hope everything is ok with you all and that no-one is planning to travel far tomorrow as it looks like the Ash cloud is moving around ye


2 Responses to "16th May 2010…."

Bell – did you start this last weekend and forget to post it or have you lost a week somewhere – today’s the 23rd May – last Sunday was the 16th !!

Re ‘Dreaming’ – check out a couple of the ‘meanings of dreams’ websites, they give some very nteresting insights into what different dreams mean. I was having some strange ones a while back and when I checked them out its was uncanny how the dreams I was having related to things going on in my life even though, on the face of it, there was no connection.

On the news tonight they said that the volcano has stopped erupting and what is being seen now is just steam – hope so as my car has changed colour from red to an orangey sandy colour !

And last, but not least, please send some of ‘Coral’s Cake’ over here – it sounds delicious !

x x x

10 out of 10 Miss Susie! Just posted again and you will read what an old crock I am!

As for my dreams, haven’t been with the deceased much this week – not all at the same time anyway! “Corals Cake” was wonderful….do you want the recipe. it has to be healthy and good for you as it has oats in it afterall!!

Bell x

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