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12th May 2010…..confused from Torrevieja!

Posted on: May 12, 2010

Hello all, so good to be back with you all again (whoever you are!) It has been a very busy and tiring few days to be honest and my brain (what there is of one) is totally exhausted.  First let me explain that Tony has bought me a Macbook (apparently all my music etc was clogging up the computer) so I am trying to find my way around everything.  If my typing goes a bit skewy, blame him not me!

Anyway, Thursday night had our first night without the three musketeers as Rosemary calls them (love it Rosemary -mental note to pray that when I grow up I will be as clever as Rosemary!!). No dogs to jump around on the bed you would have thought I would have had a good night sleep but no such luck.  I missed them!  Quite used to waking up in the night and having a wet hairy nose right next to my face and it not being Tony! Eventually got up at around 5.45 and watched the election programme in bed with a cup of tea.  Least said about that the better – lets just hope that it is all going to work out well for the UK in the long run.  (Actually already had a “discussion” at the cafe this morning with a very staunch conservative man so enough politics for one day).

Bags packed, we were taken to the pick up point for the coach to Barcelona at around 8.45 where we waited for half an hour.  Coach wasn’t late, I just have to be there early!  I’m the same when I get excited about going into a shop for something, I often make Tony drop me off so I can run in!  We were picked up on the roundabout by the shopping centre.  May not mean much to you, standing on a roundabout, but over here the majority of “ladies of the night…and day) can be found on roundabouts but I felt pretty safe with Tony stood by me – unless people thought it was a case of buy one get one free!

Tony and I were I think, the only Alonso supporters on the coach with the others being keen on Hamilton.  We got on with our Ferrari hats on and held our heads up high and I had my fingers crossed at the same time.

To say it was a long journey is an understatement.  We finally arrived at the hotel around 6.3o that night.  Oh, I have to tell you about one couple that got on after us.  English couple, I would say in their middle to late 60’s. She got on in her slippers and wasn’t on the coach 5 minutes before she had her seat back, mouth open and was snoring.  I don’t think she actually saw anything of the journey other than when we stopped.  I thought Tony could fall off to sleep quick but this lady could beat him hands down!  The snoring added a lovely bass beat to the music that was playing on the coach though!

Hotel was ok even though it was about an hour away from the track.  Hadn’t quite cottoned on to how to serve hot food though and even I had to turn my nose up at cold baked beans first thing in the morning.

The first day we were at the circuit was ok and we found a good spot which was right in the middle of the Spanish fans all cheering for Alonso.  We were not allowed to take in glass bottles or cans and bags were searched but what is amazing is the fact that they didn’t mind if alcohol or knives went through the gate!  Anyone who has ever eaten with the Spanish will know how they can really go to town.  We were sat not too far from some trees where some lads had brought whole legs of ham, the long chorizo and these they had dangling over the branches!  When lunchtime came, out came the knives and the meat was cut and placed in the long bagettes and swilled down with a glass of beer!

I have to say there was absolutely no trouble with anyone despite there being an abundance of alcohol (there is even someone walking around selling beer from a barrel).  It was all very good natured.  Race day was very much the same although there were so many more people there – they gave out that there were 98,113 people at the circuit all together.  At 99 euros for the cheapest tickets for the 3 days, it must be quite a profit making venture! Some people paid hundreds of euros for the stand seats.

Would I ever go again? No. I love to watch the race but found it hard to follow on the screen and track.  You get a much better view on the telly. To be perfectly honest (and we didn’t tell anyone on the coach this), we decided to leave a bit early and trundled back to the coach, particularly as Alonso was in 4th place and seemed to be going nowhere.  It wasn’t until everyone started to come back that we realised that Hamilton had a burst tyre or something and Alonso had moved up into 2nd place!  Of course we pretended we had seen it all and enjoyed the fact that we were the only two supporters on the coach!!!

Susie….we have been to Barcelona before on a 4 day trip and yes, we very much enjoyed going around and seeing the sites.  I would recommend Barcelona to anyone as there is so much to see and it really is a wonderful city to explore.

Arrived home at about 1.30 in the morning. It would have been earlier if it had not been for four people who we dropped off only to find that they had parked their car in a car park but not noticed the sign that said the park was closed after 12 midnight….couldn’t leave them there so the coach had to do a detour and take them home!   We were very fortunate that where we were dropped there was a taxi rank and my Spanish even managed to get us home.

Picked up the dogs on Monday afternoon and it would seem that they were well behaved with the exception of the wee wee kid who was the normal little madam that she is, although I think that Helga does have a bit of a soft spot for her. Bobby in particular was pleased to see us and I swear he put his paw up at Helga as we left!

Monday afternoon was back to the physio doctor who despite my assurance that I was feeling a lot better decided after examining me that I still needed more physio!  Can you believe that….must be 9 weeks or so I’ve been going now.  Its not as if it is once or twice a week it is every single day! Tony had to go to A & E while I was there too as he yawned and pulled a muscle. He was in a lot of pain so thought he ought to get it checked out just in case he had cracked a rib. Luckily everything was ok apart from the fact that the prescription that we picked up later and paid 50 euros for, although very good pills, reacted to his other medication and he had a heart beat going as fast as Alonso’s car last night.  Needless to say the pills will now stay in the cupboard!

Tony’s dad arrived with his wife on Sunday and is staying in the next block to us. May have mentioned before that his Dad doesn’t speak to us..long story which to be honest I think is very sad as we really have no idea what the problem was other than probably his wife. They haven’t spoken for several years now and I did suggest to Tony that he might want to speak to his Dad (I would love to have the opportunity to speak to my dear dad even if it were only once just so I could tell him how much I love and  miss him). We actually walked along the road and his Dad went passed us and didn’t say a word though.  Sad.

I’m just watching the workman still digging outside.  At the moment there is a digger actually in the whole which I presume is so that it can go even deeper…either that or it can’t get out! Hopefully not too much longer before they are finished.  I think they plan to finish for the summer holidays at the end of June.

Right, time to put the kettle on and have a nice mug of camamile. I’ve been very good lately (about 3 days anyway!) and have left the biscuits and chocolate alone) not sure how long it will last, I’m sure I will have a moment of weakness in the not too distant future!

Haven’t had chance to look at the forum much since I have been back, but will do so later.  Hope you are all keeping well and getting a little more sunshine than we have here today.  Keep smiling everyone.  Love as always, Bell xxx


1 Response to "12th May 2010…..confused from Torrevieja!"

Hi Confused !

Glad you enjoyed Barcelona and the racing !- but shame you left early and missed the excitement !

Have the roadworks finished yet and have the dogs settled back into their routine ?

Life on CUK goes on as before – I know you still ‘visit’ now and then to keep up with everyone’s news, but still miss you !

best wishes
x x x

p.s. when’s the next instalment of ‘Life in Torreviaja’ due ?

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