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6th May 2010…

Posted on: May 6, 2010

This is one of the pipes going being lowered in.....

 (I know it seems strange starting with a picture, but an hour or so ago I started downloading this to show you as per the text in the blog, and I´m about to throw the PC out the window into the whole that the pipe is now fitting into so decided to leave the photo where it has finally landed!)….Night all!

Hello everyone….not sure if there is anyone out there, especially tonight as my guess is you are all looking to see who is going to be head honcho after today! 

Today the dogs went over to stay with Helga (I think her real name is Yvonne but Helga seems far more fitting) ….wee wee kid has been before there and she wasn´t too bad although I swear she took two steps back when she got to the gate! The Ugly one, well what can I say….. he rambled in, took a look at the old german shepard that Helga has grumbled a bit and walked away! Bobby, he cried and cried! Broke my heart leaving them for all of 5 minutes, no to be honest, I do really miss them although it is nice not to have to go out with them and play referee for a few days!

Spent a couple of hours shopping which was lethal! We have a C & A here (bet you don´t!) and its very popular but obviously most people are the same size as me….too old for the mini skirts or belts that they look like and not quite ready for the A line flower frocks that all Spanish women over a certain age seem to wear.  I headed in to Gerry Webber´s shop and there was an armchair for Tony to sit in which was another mistake……I kept picking bits up and taking them over to him, he would say “nice” why don´t you get it….so I did, and I did, and I did! My wardrobe consists of very little nowadays other than what I have bought in either Primark orMetalan and the odd bit from the local market so it was really nice to buy something for a change which had a decent cut and fabric.  Took me back to my “former” life when I would shop til I dropped as money was not really an issue in those days….must have had a suit for every day of the month, ridiculous now when I think of it and to be honest I think my shopping was probably a way of covering up for sadness in other areas of my life.  The charity shops in Weston did very well out of me when we left the UK and there must have been some real smart people walking around with bargains!

Last night was wonderful here….I´ve mentioned before about the works that have been going on outside our street. Well, yesterday they got to just outside our window. There was an almighty bang and a flash and the digger man had cut through the main electricity pipe! There was a lot of huffing and puffing, a few more sparks (it was like November 5th actually) and the A team were called in!  The digger driver just took himself off up the road and wasn´t seen again until this morning.  Unusually for Spain, when I asked I was told the electric would be back on in an hour and it was only in fact another 2 hours (not bad on their standards). We were all hooked up to a generator for the night and the night shift worked on until 3 am to fix it.  Imagine this though, the workman when it happened had to obviously stay on so my neighbour upstairs who is, I imagine around 30, threw them down a few cans of beer aou nd a few cans of olives!  It is really quite normal to see workman stopping for a “tea” break at 10 am only to pull out a bottle of beer and a bread roll! My guess is they would be sacked in the UK….not here though! They never seem to be bothered by it though, and rarely drink the whole bottle!  Hopefully the photographs we took will come out and I will attach them later.

Right, off to pack now for our few days in Barcelona….Formula 1 remember? Look out for me on Sunday if you watch the race…we will be the one with the lop-sided Spanish flag  (Tony being 6´2″ and me under 5´!)

Take care one and all….catch you all again soon?  By the way Susie…if you tare reading this, read your PM, why not do a blog too, if you get the time which I know is precious for you. I often wonder if I am simply writing to myself but it is so therapeutic it doesn´t really matter! Hope not though really!

Bye for now, catch you all again real soon. Love Bell x

PS….Tony has just read on the internet that Alonso (F1) has said he is expecting a huge number of his fans to be wearing blue and flying the blue flag of Asturias which is where he is from…..apparently Blue will be the new Farrari colour….Gutted, we have nothing but red to wear for this weekend, thought we were going to be “well in”!!!! Typical!


3 Responses to "6th May 2010…"

Hi Bell

You’re definitely not writing to yourself, I know that a few of us are reading your blog and enjoying every word. Hope you have a great time in Barcelona – don’t forget to bring back some treats for the 3 Musketeers (otherwise known as the Wee Wee Kid, The Ugly One and Bobby).

You’re right about not having the time to write my own blog – it’s as much as I can do to get on here for short time every day to keep up with CUK – most times I get interrupted by ‘you know who’ wanting to know what I’m doing !

x x x

Hi Bell,

You’re not talking to yourself. Its the norm that many can read blogs but not post a comment, so dont worry…lol. Its so much better having it all in one place plus in time it will be something for you to look back on and reflect.

Hope you enjoy your few days away. Safe journey for you and Tony. Wishing your dad a speedy recovery.

Good idea about Susie having a blog too.

x x x

I swear I left a reply on here last week – but it’s disappeared ! Like Rosemary said above I said that you were definitely not talking to yourself and then went on to say I didn’t think I’d have much time to be a blogger as everytime I get on the computer Mum comes looking for me and wants to know what I’m doing – too many interruptions = lack of concentration lol;lol;lol

Hope you enjoy Barcelona – all those fantastical Gaudi buildings to explore ! At least yu should come back to peace and quite on the roadworks side of things !

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