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4th May 2010…dooo doooo dooo doo!

Posted on: May 4, 2010

Just thought I would pop in and tell you about my evening.  A friend of mine asked if I wanted to go to a spiritualist church where there was going to be a medium this evening.  Never in my life have I ever been to anything remotely like this but perhaps because of the obvious, I decided to go along with her and a couple of others.

We arrived in this house that had been converted and there were about 18 – 20 people there also.  It began with a lady coming around to collect the money…..only 3€ and I guess someone has to pay for the bills!  Anyway, she started at the end of the row where I was sitting and I recognised several of things that she said about the ladies that she spoke with before me.  She told them mostly about how their loved ones were watching over them etc etc and it was all very heart-warming for them all.  Then she got to me!  Firstly, she said that my mum had possibly been “heavy chested” which I don´t suppose was too much of an asumption when you consider my amble load! She then suggested Mum had been smart which I had to say was not necessarily the case. She then told me in that case, I liked to always be smart and Mum often disagreed with what I wore or chose to wear….right there! She spoke about how cold Mum had been as a person and how I often couldn´t do anything right for her! (Right again!) She told me that Mum had a difficult time, even at her passing which I have to agree as Mum was extremely scared and fought right up til the last minute.  The one thing I was pleased to hear though was when she said that Mum knew she hadn´t treated me kindly and that she was sorry for that… would have been lovely for Mum to have said that to me when she was alive but it wasn´t to be. I was then told that she thought I was in a very lonely place and that I must came away and pull out of it. Easy said!

When I first went into the room I admired a painting on the wall, not only because it was the only one there other than some very old photographs but mainly because it was a painting of daiseys…. She asked me if I knew someone by the name of Terry (someone here by that name but wouldn´t say we were close) and also someone by the name of Muriel. I don´t recognise that name and she then suggested that it could be a Muriel (as in a painting – apologies for spelling) and asked if I liked art. I had to admit that I had been admiring the painting earlier in the evening.

On the whole, did it make me feel better? Not really, just reinforced the way I felt my Mum had been and the sadness that it wasn´t different.  The only positive parts were the fact that she said was sorry for the way she had acted and also the fact that there was a mention of the painting of the daisey´s as in my mind, if this is all to be believed, it could be a roundabout reference to my dear Miss Daisey.  So, tonight I am probably a little bit more confused than usual and wondering how I am going to move out of the “lonely place” wherever that may be…..

On a much brighter note, we have actually managed to book our holiday!  Virgin Holidays  did everything in their power to make it extremely difficult to book with them so ended up phoning a travel agent in my old town who has given us a fairly good deal! Las Vegas here we come……….pancakes!! Fudge Brownies and steak…(who cares about gambling anyway!!

Off to catch up with Eastenders as I missed it earlier….my god that sounds sooooo sad!

Take care one and all. This piece of music has beautiful words and I often imagine I am singing it to Mum, hope you enjoy.

Love to you all, Bell x


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