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2nd May 2010.. better late than never!

Posted on: May 2, 2010

Happy May everyone!  Can´t believe I haven´t been on here for a week….not like me at all!  Just trying to remember what has been going on over the last week….Our friends finally arrived on Tuesday after having their flight changed I don´t know how many times.  Its bad enough when you are young and able but they are in their late 70´s and one of them has Parkinson´s.  Anyway, all was well that ended well as they had a good trip over and arrived into the sunshine which has stayed with us all week.  It has been lovely having them here, they are like parents to us and I really enjoy their company.  We´ve taken them out and about as this is the first time that they haven´t hired a car in all the years that they have been coming over (around 30!). Hire cars here are ridiculous prices, somewhere around 350 pounds for a week and then they manage to get huge amounts from you for the extra insurance. 

We went to the market and that was great, I managed to get some new shoes for 5€..bargain! (Probably not really as I have so many that they will more than likely stay under the bed…) my friend bought bits and pieces for her grand-daughter including handbags for 1€!! Went out for a couple of meals too which is always nice (especially when their is a pudding!).  I got myself a wonderful migraine and spent yesterday in bed but was well enough to go out for a couple of hours last night….had to really as it was the last night we would be able to go out with them. 

Brenda (my friend) renamed the Ugly one “lardy”, I think she is right, he really has put on weight! I have to watch him now as he will go and eat anything that the other two terrors leave in their dishes (not that that is much). 

Still going to physio – not sure if this will be the last week.  I´m hoping that I will get a doctors appointment soon – I think I have had enough now and can´t see that the physio is going to make much difference, I think it is just going to be a matter of time.  I have a TENS machine now so I can put it on my neck as and when – that´s if I can get it off of Tony, he seems to be using is for every part of his body (well, not every part!)

Not sure if I had previously told you, but Tony´s dad and his wife used to live over here, just a couple of blocks away.  We got on well but for some reason (and we have no idea why) he stopped speaking to us! Our only thoughts were that it was because his wife wanted to go back to the UK and knew that if Pops wasn´t speaking with Tony it would be more than likely that he would agree to go….sounds stupid but there wasn´t any other logical explanation.  Anyway, that was about 4 years ago now and they have come back here every year for their holiday since!  Crazy.  Sad thing is that they walk past us in the street.  Tony doesn´t get worked up about it but I think it is sad.  Perhaps because Tony and all his family were in the army they can cope with things like this more, who knows.  Well, today I understand they are back again for a week or so, then 2 weeks in August too.  The funny thing is in the block that they stay, there are quite a few busy bodies and you only have to say something and it goes around like wild fire.  Yesterday someone asked us if we had a nice time in our house in the mountains recently!!!  We haven´t got one but we said we did ages ago to someone just to see if word would get around, which it obviously did!

Roadworks still going on outside the flat…and road still closed off, horrendous.  We have had a bit of a respite though as it was May Day on Saturday and everything stops!  No shops open….nada!  Doesn´t matter which day of the week May Day falls on, it is a public holiday so no work (other than bars/restaurants).

Today is Mother´s day in Spain and all the restaurants are full to overflowing.  It really is lovely to see them all having meals with their families….ummmm, haven´t got one now but we did do our first “meal” indoors for our friends this week.  We tried to make it nice and Tony said he felt like we were on Come Dine with Me!  We told them that we were quite happy for them to sort through our knicker drawers while we served up but they said they didn´t think they´d bother!  Not sure what marks we would have got but the meal was very nice.  Tony did a stuffed pork sirloin and veg and we both did a chocolate basket with ice-cream and strawberries..delicious!  We´ve never had a table big enough before to invite people for a meal and I actually quite enjoyed it.  Tony made sure it was all done like a military operation so we were quite organised!

We finally made the decision about a holiday and we are going to put the boat out and have “the big one”. We phoned Virgin for two weeks in Las Vegas and hopefully that will go ahead sometime in October.  It is a nightmare at the moment though trying to get back to Virgin.  Like so many companies they have those wretched premium numbers which are bad enough in the UK but from Spain it could cost a fortune.  Managed to get an alternative number from the Say NO to 0870 website but still haven´t managed to finalise everything.  Hopefully will be sorted on Tuesday.  I really don´t like gambling, in fact quite against it, but I know Tony will like to have a little flutter.  More interested though in going to see the shows, particularly want to see Jersey Boys.

May already…can you believe it! Another 6 weeks and my Mum has been gone for a year.  I can´t believe it.  I´m still at the stage where I go over the last few days in my head time after time but hope that at some stage this will pass.  I try to think of some good times but sadly these were few and far between. 

It is starting to fill up (well, not fill up more of a trickle this year) with people in the flats here.  Mostly the owners coming down for long weekends getting their apartments ready for the summer.  We have one apartment here that is owned by a lady who lives in New York and for the past 24 -25 years she has only used the apartment once each year for her holiday and the rest of the time it is all locked up.  I´m sure it must all be like new still even after all this time!

I best get off now and see what has been happening in the world whilst I have been elsewhere….hope you are all well out there and that if you are in the UK you enjoyed your Summer last Wednesday!! (sorry, couldn´t resist that one!) If its any consolation, we  are promised rain next week so with the lack of drains in these here parts, best get the waders out again!

Take care everyone….enjoy the bank holiday and hope the sun shines for you.

Much love as always, Bell x


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Another enjoyable blog Bell, love to you and Tony xx

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