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25th April 2010..

Posted on: April 25, 2010

Sunday, just love them! Lovely quiet day today just our usual trip to the cafe on the beach for coffee with the wee wee kid running all the way (she knows she gets cake there!). Came home and made some tarts but forgot to put the jam under the sponge mix so they have turned out pretty dry…yucky to be honest so yet another batch to have with custard! 

Spoke with Samantha about a holiday again tonight, without any pressure and we have decided that perhaps this year would not be the best time for them to come along as she explained they have so much going on, trying for a baby, moving etc.  Its a shame but I can understand that she would have reservations about flying if she became pregnant later in the year.  I´m just glad the air has been cleared now and that she is not saying no because she is afraid of hurting her dad´s feelings.  Hopefully, one day we will have that holiday together, in the meantime perhaps we can organise a trip for them to come over to see us for a long weekend or something.  I so miss not being able to enjoy the simple things like having a coffee with Samantha each week or her being able to just “pop in”.  At the same time, I know that it would never have been possible for me to stay in the same town as my ex.  I think life could have become very difficult.  What a pity life has to be like this. 

I was reading some of the posts today on the Carers forum.  My heart goes out to all of you that are still struggling to cope.  People just don´t realise what “caring” really means until they are actually placed into that situation.  Seems to me that the emphasis is often solely directed towards the person who needs the “care” where in fact it is all part of a circle that can´t be complete until everything else is taken into consideration.  Does that make sense?  Sometimes we find ourselves caring and often wondering how that role even came to be!  I know I did with Mum and although I will never regret a moment of the time I spent with her, Miss Daisey too. ( “N” – you are so VERY normal! This one is for you. ).

Back to Physio tomorrow….can´t wait, NOT! There´s only so many electrodes a girl can handle you know!  When I was a little girl, I used to imagine that of course I would never die or grow old because someone would invent a pill that would keep me young and I certainly was never going to have the change! Mum had finished hers by the time she was 39 so as my 40´s came and went I thought zippy, missed that one!  How wrong could I be, I have gone from someone who can walk around the house with a hot water bottle to having the windows open and walking around in my bra (not a pretty picture so I wouldn´t dwell on that thought for too long!).  Well, the downside of the physio (knew I mentioned it for a reason) is that when they put that infa red thing on my back its hot and on Friday I had one of my “tropical moments” at the same time….thought I was going to melt and the physio would pull back the curtain and found a mound of lard where my body had once been! God I hate getting old….when are they going to invent that pill????

I saw the little stray dog that has been walking around here for weeks today.  The poor little soul has so much matted hair on his back that he looks like he has a huge hump, I just can´t get him to come over to me as I would take him to the shelter.  It breaks my heart, its like the greyhound that is constantly walking up and down the main road here, I´m sure looking for its owner.  How can people be so god damn cruel?

Going to browse ITunes now – found an album of , wait for it, Doris Day last night of 105 songs for 2.49! Mind you, not heard of many of them but it was a bargain so hey ho! 

Night all, back to the coal face tomorrow and Helga the Horrible physio for me!  Take good care…oh and before I forget, Rosemary…..will you please put him down now please!!!!!! x

Love Bell x


4 Responses to "25th April 2010.."

It must be…pick on Rosemary day today….lol.

Loving reading your blog. I have been posting the link in other places too. Before long there will be enough for a

x x x

We´re probably just jealous Rosemary! x

Thanks for the link it was lovely! x

You are more than welcome Nilla, hope you are having a better day and things are becoming a little clearer for you. x

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  • Linda: Thanks Bell, I'm currently in the 'will I or won't I' situation. This has certainly been helpful. All the best Linda
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