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24th April 2010….

Posted on: April 24, 2010

Hello all.  Snuggled up now with a nice cosy blanket after what has been a busy couple of days.  After all the heartache the other day I am pleased to say that my daughter had a word with her friend who is an extremely sensible young woman. We also talked things through and basically, Samantha has said that she fully understands my feelings and accepts that she handled the whole situation inappropriately – for my part, I was probably far too pushy but was actually just so excited at the possibility of spending 2 weeks with them both and seeing their faces as they enjoyed themselves too.  Anyway, it has been left that there is a holiday available for October if they want to come along.  Certainly no pressure.  What will be will be.   Samantha´s friend made her realise that her dad is never going to be ok and give his approval for her to spend time with Tony and I.  I´m glad that Samantha is considering the offer and hopefully they will be able to come along, but at the end of the day if that is not possible, nothing is lost.  I will still have two wonderful daughters and a great son in law too.  I think it is terribly sad that her father reacts in the way he does but he is never going to change.  Hopefully, Samantha realises that now and will understand that when I was saying to her that at some point she is going to need to stand up to her father, I didn´t necessarily mean in a confrontational way, just that she needs to stand up for what she believes is right for her and her husband, whatever her father or anyone else for that matter thinks.  Mind you, took me 25 years to have the strength to do it!

Weather has been a bit all over the place here, one minute it is brilliant sunshine and the next we are brushing all the water off the balcony.  The whole in the ground that they have been digging for the new pipe now resembles a rather large reservoir!

A triumph last night – wee wee kid slept through until 8.30 am! Not strictly true, she did wake up and gave Tony a kiss apparently around 2.30 am but he told her to go back to sleep and joy of joys she did!  Might try that again, hope we are just as lucky a second time.

Went to Ikea today – have to travel for around 50 minutes to get there but its good to be in a descent shopping area.  Very little in the way of shops around here – I have to accept apparently that I am no longer 21 and can´t wear skirts that resemble scarves and tops that are fine if you don´t have boobs, so need to travel further afield.  God only knows where Spanish women over 40 shop, perhaps its just the markets.  In the summer when you look out of the window here 9 out of 10 women have the same dresses on, perhaps in different colours, as they all buy them off of the looky looky men on the beach! Anyway, back to Ikea. Bought a few more plates to replace the ones that I lent to a neighbour when I ´made a cake and never saw again (don´t you just hate it when that happens?). Had breakfast there too – roll, oil, tomato and parma ham with a cup of coffee all for 1€, bargain!  I love the tomato on toast that is served in so many of the cafes here and its the only thing I ever put salt on too. Excellent.  Best part though was near the exit where they have samples of their food, love that area as there is always plenty of chocolate, biscuits etc.  Tony and I had a feast and didn´t need lunch!  We did buy some though too (ate most of them tonight though!).

Yesterday was Veterans Day here and there were lots of parades etc in the own plus war ships were coming into the harbour and even giving rides.  One was docked just across from our flat and we could here the revaly call early this morning!

Thought of your Mum today Nila (if you are reading!). We followed a car with an elderly man driving with his wife – he looked British rather than Spanish.  Anyway, his boot was open as he sped, literally sped, along the road.  He was totally oblivious to the fact that the boot was open and all the plants that he had in his boot were going all over the place!  We managed to overtake him on the motorway and I called out to him, but don´t think he took any notice….amazing – how can you not know your boot is open on a hatchback car?!!!

Its mosie weather now and the little blighters are out to get you!  I´ve been lucky so far and only had one small bite on my neck. As we have the piece of wasteland in front of our block it is really bad at times although not so bad as those people who live near the salt lakes – they really suffer.  Normally, the council spray the lakes once a year (funds willing) to keep them down but I remember last year there was a right uproar about it al.  A paste of bicarbonate of soda made with a touch of water does the trick to stop the itching….you look a bit odd but what the heck.  I have been known in the past to get up in the night and scratch my foot on the doormat just to get some relief! Today, we managed to buy one of those plug in pest repellents.  Its supposed to keep a way mosies, cockroaches, mice, rats, flies the lot.  Its apparently ok for pets, thought I would  need to check, didn´t like the thought of the 3 of them sat down with their paws over their ears!

Right, quick browse around the net and then its time for bed…..dogs snoring already and peace in our time as Wee Wee kid is asleep too….joy!

Take care everyone….catch you all again soon. Bell x


2 Responses to "24th April 2010…."

Yes I am reading I love your blogs 🙂 Thats the kind of thing Mum would do, as usual she insisted on the car for the weekend and took it yesterday, half an hour later rang me as the alarm was going off and she didnt know what to do, seems she didnt shut her door properly and that set the alarm off, shes not safe I tell you and that car will be a wreck soon.
I hate mossies and they attack me all the time, I have one of those things you press on the bite and press a button, it gives off an electric thingy and stops the itch they do work as well.

Nilla, I manage to cope (just) with the mossies until they get me on the face, then I´m done for! I can´t remember the number of times I have ended up in A & E because my face has swollen because of the little blighters!

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  • Linda: Thanks Bell, I'm currently in the 'will I or won't I' situation. This has certainly been helpful. All the best Linda
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