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18th April 2010..

Posted on: April 18, 2010

I think today Tony would have taken up the offer of the 3 camels from Jose! It would seem that yesterday when opening my larder door, I tried to multi-task (obviously not a good idea for me nowadays) and opened the freezer door at the same time.  All seemed fine until in the light of day I could see the mark on the side of the door the freezer where the two met!  I am now desperately trying to find out what I can put on a LG freezer door (the matt grey sort) that will cover the scratches!  All suggestions gratefully received – Susie, the milking cow is sounding a bit too good to Tony for my liking.

Had a very quiet day today and both of us fell asleep after breakfast on the sofa and didn´t wake up again until almost 1 o´clock!  I was bent in two halves and spent most of the day trying to hold my back up!  On top of that I think “it” has happened… know, the “tropical moments”! The last couple of weeks I have been waking in the night (not surprising really as the wee wee kid is usually on my head) feeling really hot.  Bearing in mind that I´m the one that keeps a 15.5 tog duvet on in the middle of August in Spain you will understand why it is quite unusual for me to be hot! So I think I have finally reached the age when it all now goes to pot, life just gets better! If this is it, then to be honest its not so bad and will probably save us a fortune anyway on electricity but I am just keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn´t get much worse.  We´ll watch this space and I´ll keep you informed without any doubt! There´s something about getting older that I really don´t like.  My heart tells me that I´m still in my 30´s but most days my body reminds me that my 30´s are way back in history now…more´s the pity.

Had a phone call from my friend in the UK this evening which was a lovely surprise.  I think you know when you have a good friend when, even if you don´t speak to each other because you get caught up in your own little world for ages, you can just pick up where you left off and there are no bad feelings or thoughts of whose turn it was to call and all that silliness.  If you read this Carol….”don´t  jump off the roof, Austrailia is not too far nowadays” !!! There´s always Skype or MSN!!!

Anyone watch A Passionate Woman? I thought it was great acting by both Billie Piper and Sue Johnston.  Shame we don´t see Sue Johnston more on the tv, I really think she is such a versatile actress. Can you remember her in the Royal Family? I loved Nanna…nothing like the Nan I had though.  Mine was hooked on cider and forever picking her head as I remember – but very good at making pasties! God, how did I eat them!! Strange how history repeats itself as my Nan didn´t speak to her Mum, then didn´t speak to my Mum and my Mum spent the last 9 months not speaking with my sister……sad. I would be devestated if Samantha and I didn´t have regular contact.  My youngest doesn´t speak to me very much and one of my dreams recently was Samantha asking if I could be ” Colette´s Mum again”….in my dream I told her that I had never stopped being her Mum which is so very true.  I hope that perhaps one day in the future Colette will want to have a relationship with me, in the meantime I am very proud of her, love her deeply and will always be here whenever she wants or needs me.

Went into Miss Daisey´s flat today as Jose has gone home now.  Well, most of the lovely things that Miss Daisey had bought and that we left there have been taken away!  I guess they have taken them back to their home in Leon. I thought it was a little sad as I suppose I had left them there so that in my own little way it was like leaving a little bit of Miss Daisey around….but I guess they were just pocessions.  Even the lovely lights that we had bought and put up were replaced with an old fan light!  It has been so difficult to discard so many things and our garage here is still full of things that I probably will never look at again.  When I left home at 18, I married and lived in the same house for 25 years and took with me things from my childhood. When I was divorced I put my bits and pieces into Mum´s loft. These were then moved down to Miss Daisey´s house for a short time then when she decided to sell the house I had to bring what I could over here but that was ok as they then went into Miss Daisey´s flat! I guess it is now time to “let go” of the past….but some things such as Pom Pom the poodle that I had when I was 5 just have to stay! He´s still in the box but has lost his red bow somewhere along the line.  He speaks when you pull the chord though I have to say he does sound a bit drunk nowadays!  I wonder how many of us still have things from when we were children? I´m trying to be better at getting rid of my “one day” clothes….you know, “one day I will be thinner”, “one day it will be fashionable” and some things have gone now…..saw the lady who is squatting in the little house across the road wearing my coat today…..didn´t look too bad actually, perhaps I should have kept it????

Well, time to say goodnight. Wonder what tonight will bring …..dreamwise I mean!  Never know where I´m going to end up when I put my head on the pillow!  Night, night everyone, sweet dreams and I´ll catch up with you again real soon.

Much love, Bell x


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  • Linda: Thanks Bell, I'm currently in the 'will I or won't I' situation. This has certainly been helpful. All the best Linda
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