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17th April 2010….I´m worth more than 3 camels!

Posted on: April 17, 2010

No post yesterday as I´ve been fighting off a migraine and the migraine won for a short while! It wasn´t bad enough to take to my bed but just made me feel completely zonked out.  Gave me a bit of time to do some thinking though and I saw the light – for the first time in ages it wasn´t the inside of the fridge either! I decided that I have been eating far too much chocolate and that this could possibly be the reason my migraines have returned more often lately so chocolate is out….do I look any thinner? Its been 2 days now so hopefully it shows!  Someone once told me that if you can hold a pencil under your boobs or buttocks then things have started to go south.  At the moment I think I could quite easily carry the pencil case without anyone noticing so certainly time to take action!

The flight situation doesn´t seem to be improving does it….our friends are now booked to fly out on the 27th April. I really feel for all those who have saved hard for holidays and have been unable to fly off, it must be devestating. (Rosemary, I remember when I took the children to Florida for the first time and how excited we all were so I really feel for your daughter and hope that they are able to have their holiday soon).  We have a family here who were due to go home Thursday, fortunately the apartment they are in is available still because the next family are unable to fly over. Horrendous for everyone.  Note to Iceland….we said give us our Cash not your Ash! (sorry, know that one has been doing the rounds).

Jose and his wife left today (the owners of the apartment that Miss Daisey rented).  Lovely couple, his English is very good having worked all over the world. He started with nothing and is now a very wealthy man, anyway, coming off the point as usual.  Today as he was leaving he told Tony that if he should ever lose me (!) that Tony was to let him know where I was and he would have me!!! I ask you….I´m not a goat you know! Fortunately Jose´s wife can´t speak English.  Tony said he wouldn´t ever “lose” me but would consider an exchange of 3 camels!!  Jose lives in the very north of Spain in a town called Leon.  He was telling us that in his village it has not been unknown for girls of as young as 14 to marry so that the land can be passed on to the family…………weird!

Well, short and sweet tonight as Britain´s Got Talent is about to start….sad aren´t I?!! 

Take good care one and all and speak to you all again real soon.  Love Bell x


6 Responses to "17th April 2010….I´m worth more than 3 camels!"

I’d have said at least 3 camels and a good milk cow into the bargain lol lol lol

I love it….a woman that recognises my true worth!!!

Hi Bell,

I see you are getting well in to this writing I enjoy reading your blog so much.
Daughter has managed to get rebooked for May 14th so not too long to wait. Just fingers crossed all goes to plan.

x x

Rosemary, Spooky….we went to Florida twice with the children on, wait for it…May 14th! Hope they have a ball. x

We were in Fuerteventura once and my ex hubby was offered 2 camels and a goat for me!

Jane, at the moment I think Tony would give me away for a goat!

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  • Linda: Thanks Bell, I'm currently in the 'will I or won't I' situation. This has certainly been helpful. All the best Linda
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