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15th April 2010….yawn, yawn, yawn!

Posted on: April 15, 2010

Not sure how many days in we are in with the election but all I do know is that I missed the final of American Idol so we could see the first debate in however many years…. its still on now and the fact that I am typing rather than watching must say it all! Tony and I would never agree on our choice of leader but at the moment he is sat on the sofa and all I can hear is a continual grunt of disbelief whenever any of them speak! I think he would prefer Franco!

As you may have realised our friends didn´t get to come over today due to the Icelandic Volcano…..I´ve spoken to them and they have been fortunate enough to get a seat on a flight for Saturday, let´s hope the wind is in the right direction (whichever direction that is) and they are able to come over.  We had some holidaymakers here who were due to fly home today and they were obviously turned away at Alicante airport, fortunately the apartment they are renting is still available so I guess they have managed to get a few extra days in.  It is horrible for all those who have planned trips for a long time and I do feel for them all but I must admit that I was thinking how difficult it could have been had I still been in a situation where I was so dependent upon getting on a flight within a few hours notice as I was last year.

The wee wee kid may soon have a name change to Carrot Kid. Every time she goes for a walk now we give her a carrot as its the only way we can stop her from pulling on poor old Bobby´s tail! The Spanish think I´ve lost the plot walking along with a dog carrying carrots but such is life….

Has anyone been watching that programme where the family go back in time…not sure what it is called – perhaps Family Go Back in Time!? Anyway, tonight they were in the 1980´s. It was so strange to think that I was married (first time) then so I was the woman with the twin tub washing machine and the Betamax video recorder! Can you remember the Atari tennis game on the television? 30 years on and life is so very different it really makes you wonder how women that would be perhaps in their 70´s now managed. I remember when I was a little girl growing up in the very early 1960´s (I was born in 1958 although I will deny that unless asked a direct question!), no indoor toilet, no central heating, telephone and usually no money! Everything was always “on the book” at the local shop until Dad was paid on a Friday. Dad worked nights and when I needed to use the toilet, Mum used to take me to the back door and watch me when I went outside to the toilet. One night I was on the toilet, absolutely freezing as usual as the door never fit properly and there was a gap at the top and the bottom of the door. (The toilet paper was always rough too and always had British Rail written on it….guess where dad worked!). Anyway, there was an almighty scream from Mum and when I shouted out to ask what had happened she said there was a rat outside and ran in and shut the door!  Thanks for that Mum! Eventually, when I had cried sufficiently enough to wake the whole street she came back to let me in…..turned out it was actually our neighbours guinea pig!

Mum and I never really coped very well with Dad doing nights even though he had done them for years.  One night we were in bed (both scared so always slept together) and we could hear someone (we thought) downstairs….could hear the footsteps in the front room.  We both yelled out the bedroom window for poor old Uncle Bill (Miss Daisey´s husband).  Uncle Bill heard us and let himself in to find that Dad´s attempt at DIY hadn´t been too successful and the ceiling tiles had fallen to the floor, the noise we heard that sounded like someone walking around was the tiles falling in different parts of the front room!  Oh for the good old days! NOT!

Enough of my reminiscing for tonight….off now to listen to some good old music on You Tube….Tony has quietened down so I guess dear old Gordon and David have said their goodnights too!

Take care everyone…keep smiling.

Love, Bell x


3 Responses to "15th April 2010….yawn, yawn, yawn!"

I fell asleep about 20 mins into the programme. Not sure if cos had a pig of a night/day or that they were as you put so well…yawn yawn yawn…lol.Only catnapped for 10 mins so caught the rest of the programme. Dont know why i bothered to be honest.

My daughter been stuck in Manchester since yesterday,was due to fly to Florida today. Now been told will be reviewed again tomorrow about 1pm. She is gutted,saved long and hard for this.

If you like ‘old’ stuff on YouTube, type in Dean Martin Roasts. Tons of clips of the ‘old’ actors having a laugh. Most of the comments they make would not be allowed on TV today.

x x

Your poor daughter….must be horrendous for them. I remember the first time we took the children to florida, not sure to this day who was most excited, especially when I saw the Castle! Hope she manages to fly out tomorrow. Will have a look at the site Rosemary – and thank you for putting the link on, you´re a star! x

They literally finished at 10:05 Bell, but now they’re re-hashing it on the news ! And there’s more to come – this is only the first debate !

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