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Must tell you this……!

Posted on: April 14, 2010

Just got off the phone from my eldest Samantha.  She had been visiting a friend this evening who has two children, one boy who is around 3 and a young baby.  The Mum asked Samantha if she would mind looking after the little ones for 5 minutes when she popped to the shop.  No problem.  Sarah hadn´t been gone for long when the little boy said he needed a “poo”.  Samantha said ok, are you alright going on your own? To which the little one said yes and off he went singing one potato, two potato as he went.  Five minutes later he announced that he had finished and Samantha said, do you have to wipe your bottom and the young chap just bent over and touched his toes!!! Poor old Samantha who has never had to do this before,, took the hint and did the necessary. When Sarah came home Samantha was telling her what she had done when Sarah laughed and said “he´s been having you on Sam, he´s been wiping his bottom for months”!!!

Boys will be boys!


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