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13th April 2010

Posted on: April 13, 2010

Evening all! Another day in paradise here although the sun has decided that it will bow down to the clouds for the time being.  We have a neighbour here at the moment from the UK and as sure as eggs are eggs, every time they come over the clouds come with them! Thankfully only here for a week………

More physio this morning but apparently I have an appointment with the doctor next Monday evening so it could well finish next week.  It has certainly helped having a massage every day (who could possibly complain about that) but I will be glad not to have to go there all the time too.

It was a holiday here again yesterday although it was not a “red day” so many of the shops were open.Red days are those days when it is forbidden to work, ie no building work etc. If the police pay you a visit because you are working you can be faced with a hefty fine.  There seems to be no end of police in Spain.  When I lived in sleepy old Weston super Mare I could probably count on one hand the number of times I saw a policeman around our steets.  Here it is a different story (although I admit that many of them are usually in the bars/cafe´s having their coffee break)! We drove to the market yesterday and there was another police block.  This time it was the Guardia Civil, complete with guns and they sure do look very threatening.  Is it just me, or do other people feel guilty even when I know haven´t  done anything wrong? I look at them and pray that they will let me by….  Saying that though, the Guardia Civil are not to be messed with here.  They are basically military.  We have the local police who deal mostly with traffic (they still do the school crossing patrols and can be seen outside many of the local schools with their whistles directing traffic to allow  the children to crossers the roads). The Guardia Civil are called in for more serious matters. They don´t take any messing (which is not a bad thing). Apologies if I have told the story before, but there was an incident close to here a couple of years ago when a group of men (old enough to know better) had far too much to drink and one of them caused some problems. The police came and they were fine but they handed the man over to the Guardia!  When the chap was collected the next day from the station, lets just say he was a little worse for wear and he was missing his gold ring and now had broken glasses!  Still, I doubt if he will be causing any trouble in Spain again for a while (they also banned him from returning for 6 months). 

Today is the birthday of my niece Bronte (my sisters eldest).  I was very close to Bronte when she was little but sadly my sister would not allow her to speak to me when we had our problems.  Such a shame but who knows perhaps one day she may get in touch with me again when she is a little older.

Tomorrow would have been my Dad´s 75th Birthday.  I can´t believe he has been gone now for 3 years.  My dad was a funny old stick really.  I would love to say that we were very close but if i´m honest, Dad didn´t really say very much at all! When I was growing up he would argue plenty with Mum and then as the years went by (and the milkman left the scene….) Mum and Dad´s relationship changed and Mum became more and more dependent upon him. Dad was never one to share his feelings at all. I remember when I got married (the first time!) I was coming down the stairs in my wedding dress and waiting for the “you look beautiful darling” but nothing! So I asked if I looked pretty and he said smiling, “You look very nice from the back”!! I wasn´t offended as my dress did have a very pretty back to it but just for once it would have been lovely to have those words that we all long for from our parents.  Still, I´m sure underneath he loved me.  It wasn´t until I had to care for Mum myself that I realised how difficult it must´ve been for him.  He looked after her for many years and loved her dearly.

Dad passed away 4 days after we were told that he had inoperable cancer.  It was an awful shock and I don´t know until this day whether he knew before this time.  I do know that he had refused chemo previously and part of me believes it was because he was not only scared of all things medical, but more likely because he knew he may not be fit enough if he had the treatment to care for Mum.  God bless you Dad.  Both my sister and I grew up with the sound of Bing Crosby being played whenever possible….he was Dad´s hero.   I will never be able to listen to White Christmas without thinking of my Dad….I know the saying “songs out of season, bring tears for no reason”, but this one is for you Dad..Love you always.  xxxx

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Right, off now to watch a bit of TV and I think chocolate perhaps? !!!

Sweet dreams all. Bell x


3 Responses to "13th April 2010"

Evening Bell,

Another great episode of your life. Your writing brings so much to life.

Your dads birthday tomorrow is my mams anniversary.I cant believe she has been gone 4 yrs now. Seems like only yesterday I was talking to her. Went to the cemetery with my aunty,mams sister, and we had a lovely time talking about old times, good times. Florist had made an excellent job with mams flowers and I was really pleased with them.

Look forward to your next instalment. Dont forget to put the link on CUK ,if you havent already.

Love to you both
x x x

Rosemary…just came on to edit the post so I could put a photo of Dad on, managed to find one of him smiling too which was really quite rare bless him!

Will be thinking of you too tomorrow Rosemary. Time certainly does go by so quickly. It is sad that I won´t be able to visit Dad´s grave tomorrow but as Tony always says to me…he is in my heart wherever I go.

I will go back and try to put the link in for CUK and it is my absolute pleasure to do so…just hope I can work out how! x

Lovely photo of you both Bell.
As you add to this blog, it is going to be something to look back on and treasure in years to come,especially now that its all in one place.
If you have any problems with the link let me know and I will do it for you.

x x

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