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12th April 2010

Posted on: April 11, 2010

Just a quickie to say that I have just announced myself to the world (given my blog address out to Carers UK anyway!).  How long do I have to wait before I am inundated with requests for TV interviews and a place on the sofa with Phil and Holly?!!

Yours Everhopeful, aka Bell xx


2 Responses to "12th April 2010"

Great reading as usual Bell – I’ve added you to my ‘favourites’ so that I don’t miss any of the news !

Looking forward to seeing you on the sofa with Phil and Holly !

Hey Susie, not sure I´ve ever been anyone´s “favourite” before! Move over Susan Boyle! x

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  • Linda: Thanks Bell, I'm currently in the 'will I or won't I' situation. This has certainly been helpful. All the best Linda
  • Andy: Hi Bell, I am very interested in having my eyes done too. However, prices in the UK are outrageous. Could you tell me the name or website of the clin
  • Carol Harshman: Had my right eye done 3 days ago. Felt like 3-4 grains of sand in eye for 2 days. Unrelenting pain. Saw Dr. yesterday and all is well, except corne


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