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10th April, 2010

Posted on: April 10, 2010

The weekend is here!  What makes it different to any other day here god only knows!  I know how fortunate we are living where we do and the fact that we no longer have to work 9 – 5 never ceases to amaze me.  For some reason though, the weekends still seem to be more relaxed. 

So what do a couple of old codgers like us get up to on a weekend normally? Well, Saturday is market day (actually there seems to be a market every day somewhere here but we tend to go mainly on a Saturday). Almoradi is our market of choice….its about 10 minutes drive from our little flat so off we toddle at around 10 o´clock with our (wait for it) Trolley! When we first moved over here we used to see the old dears with their trolleys, in fact the first time we went to the market which is in our town we weren´t 100% sure where it was so we literally followed the ladies with the trollies! Over here pushing a trolley does not carry the stigma that it seemed to in the UK. Even the youngsters use them for school. The shops are full of children´s trollies in all shapes and colours. Children here have to buy their own text books and obviously take them to and from school so the majority of them have their bags on a trolley.  Makes sense really, why struggle when you can pull along Barbie or Superman!

The market was full to overflowing as is usual. First stop coffee and churrios (long dognut type cakes which are made in vans on many side roads and often served with a thick chocolate sauce that they are dipped into).  The wee wee kid likes the market, today she had the churrios and also a muffin – I´m working on the asumption that the fatter she gets the slower she will be (only joking!). This unhealthy snack for the Princess of all dogs was followed by a raw carrot that she carried all the way back to the car! We loaded up with fruit and veg…5 kilos of oranges for 3€, bargain!

Back at base and we pulled in to a neighbours for more of his home made wine….bit early for me, but it would be so rude to say no!

Tony decided that he would get everything ready today to paint the outside wall tomorrow where the builder had put in a new window for us.  Tape was put around all the doors/gates on both ours and the doors of the neighbours from hell (another story I´ll share with you one day).  Anyway, I was sat outside and he came out quite pleased that the job was done.  We stayed there for half an hour or so talking to a holidaymaker that had arrived and answered all the usual questions about how long we have lived here, cost of living etc etc. When we went to go back inside, the wee wee kid was looking at us and she was covered in….tape!  She had pulled off all the tape, eaten some and had almost mummified herself with what was left! I swear the other two dogs were smirking…. perhaps it was payback and they had done it to her..who knows!!!


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very well

information you write it very clean. I’m very lucky to get this information from you.

Thank you tiffany…..not 100% sure of the comment but am used to having language “complications” living over here! Thank you for your comment anyway and glad you enjoy it. Bell

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