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Hello world!

Posted on: April 3, 2010

April 4th, 2010.  My First Proper Blog!

Well, in an attempt to prevent the Carers UK forum crashing from the weight of my monthly blog, I have taken the advice of our virtuas leader Rosemary and joined this blog site.  As you can imagine it is all very new to me so apologies if links appear to Sainsbury´s or the like!

Yesterday was my birthday, I reached the grand young age of 52!  It really feels like I must have missed 10 years somewhere along the line.  My head tells me that I am in my 40´s (early of course!) but my body is gradually making me face reality that the 50´s are well and truely here.   Still, will keep taking the glucosomine and clonidrine (note to Pete, you can buy the glucosomine with Clonodrine (sp?) in Boots in tablet form and it is much cheaper than the 43 pounds that you have been paying. I get it here after the doctor recommended it for my knee.  The Spanish don´t seem to do it by halves when it comes to medication and my recommended does is 4,000 per day!

I was in a bit of a bad place yesterday and I apologise for not thanking everyone earlier for the lovely birthday wishes.  We went to the shops about 40 minutes from here and into what I guess is the equivalent to Curry´s in the UK. They had some great laptops in there and I managed to log on to the forum and was reading all the posts in the shop! I left the page open so I´m sure there will be several spanish posters joining real soon!  I must tell you this, when we got there, loads of people were queing outside the shop with old televisions.  I read the notice and what the clever lot in the shop were doing was promising to give you euros to the equivalent to the weight of any old television that you brought in The euros having to be used obviously against the cost of a new tv.  I have never seen such old televisions – I´m sure some of them were steam powered!  One or two people had obviously tried to pull a fast one as the back was off a couple and they had put stones inside! God bless those Moroccans!

Whatever Tony did yesterday I don´t think he would have been able to please me.  I was constantly crying with the realisation that I would not receive any birthday wishes from Mum, my dear Uncle Bill or the wonderful Miss Daisey.  Perhaps the first year was always going to be the worse.  We did go out for a meal which was really nice – a bit posh and pricey but Tony did manage to get a smile out of me , especially when the pudding was brought around!

This morning I was given a bag of chocolate eggs which lifted my mood instantly, but probably reduced the possibility of me getting back in to my swimwear this year!


9 Responses to "Hello world!"

Well done on the new blog Bell. Look forward to following your story.

x x x x

Thank you for your encouragement Rosemary, as I said before I find it good therapy and perhaps one day I will let my daughter have the link too and it can be a sort of diary of her crazy mother in years to come! x

Belated birthday wishes. You have got past the first bad hurdle of “first ** without**”. It should start to get a bit easier now. You have a good man there supporting you and your memories.

Lovely to read your blog and looking forward to more in the future.

Take care

Thank you Meg for your kind words. Both Tony and everyone at Carers have been my rock over the past 12 months or so. This blog is quite good therapy too so I´m quite looking forward to seeing what happens in the future too! x

Hiya Bell,

the stuff I used to buy is in a liquid form and very pure. Only glucosimine from sharks not from the bovine (beef) source. It’s sent over from America under a really well known name that eludes me right now? Healthy something?? Anyway, thats the reason it’s so expensive.
I like your new blog site. I’ll keep reading it.

Love Pete xx

Pete, lovely to get your comment on here. That was really interesting about the glucosomine. I had no idea. Did I mention to you about the injection I had in the knee? It was something called Duralane, didn´t come cheap as we had to pay for it out here and I think it was around 300€ but it worked a treat. Took a few weeks to settle down and they said it would probably need to be repeated after 6 months but 2 years down the line I am only now getting to the stage where I think I really should be taking the pills more often.

Keep well and hope the sun shines on you and Jill to help rid you of those horrible bugs. Love Bell x

Look forward to reading your blog, you write in such a lovely interesting way I am hooked on your every word x

Hiya Bell,
sorry, I’ve only just got back to you on here. I dont get much time on the computer, as Jill gets fed up and wants my undivided attention most of the time.
So glad the eye op’ went so well. Keep it up gal!
Give that lovely fella of yours a pat on the back from me.

Tarra a bit

Pete xx

You make a lady smile Pete…good on ya!

Bell x

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  • Linda: Thanks Bell, I'm currently in the 'will I or won't I' situation. This has certainly been helpful. All the best Linda
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